Thursday, September 26, 2013

REVIEW: Starving Blades by Natasha Wetzel

Starving Blades (Otherworldly Prophecies)
By Natasha Wetzel
Publication Date: October 18, 2012

Intoxicated, depressed, cynical and alone. Sounds like an ending rather than a beginning and Angelique Le'Count thought so too. Until rash thinking sends him in pursuit of his ex-girlfriend and spirals him into a chain of events that all point to disaster. Can he remember how to be the man he once was, battle his inner demons, and make the sacrifices to stop it? Considering that there are angry werewolves, crazed demons and snippy spirits, it would seem the world is giving Angelique a run for his money. But this is just the beginning of an Otherworldly Prophecy...

Alright now I will say I have argued with myself over this book’s review for a few days…
This book starts off slow with Angelique (Angel) LeCount, a half breed angel is wallowing in his own pity in his apartment going on and on about missing his girlfriend and then we meet Sarre(I do so liked this war Angel gets a bright idea to go hunt down his ex-girlfriend and find her and try to talk her into coming back to him….. However when he finds her, he learns a secret that he never expected… shortly after that he is sent on a mission that will ultimately save the world and with Kira(the ex gf) family of demons and a shift shaman (from my understanding, these are much like werewolves) named Convel (Who I think has more than a crush on Natasha but that is a different story I am hoping to explore in book two) . Angel goes through a lot of struggles including but not limited to battling his alcoholism and winning back Kira’s heart… The ending however threw me for a LOOP!!! Oh wow I thought I was going to get in trouble cause I shrieked and began talking to myself as I read…(mind you I was blogging, sitting in a McDonald’s waiting on  it to be time to walk to pick up my little ones from school).
I loved reading this story, getting to know Angel, Kira, Sarre, Natasha, Convel, Ashley, Draven, ….. Ezekiel however….. I don’t really like him and his actions...or lack thereof while Natasha was being torn to bits by Emeri kind of made me weary of him… When Leucreado showed up at the end I was for sure I was going to have a sour taste in my mouth for the ending of the book…. But I was happily wrong and was pleased with the finishing up of this book.

There were some editing flaws however that drew my attention away from the story. Places where it looked like the editor had rushed through and missed some, or possibly simply just used MS Word to spell check and since the errors weren’t with spelling per say, it was things like the S in She would be at the end of the previous word and the word SUPPOSED to be SHE would be he. This book could use a good once over by an editor to clean it up a bit.
Before I give you my rating I will say that I liked this book so much that I bought the second book in this series before I even finished reading this one! I will be reviewing that one on my blog as soon as it gets back to the top of my TBR list!!

I fought with myself about this rating and I want to give it 5 shields… but because there are so many editing flaws that drew my attention, I am forced to give it 4 shields.

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