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Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have about a review or post. I will do my best to answer you in a timely manner. Otherwise you can Email Me by clicking the rainbow email button below!! 

Right now we have two reviewers on board for this blog!! If you would like to be added to the list, FEEL FREE to Email Me and we will see what we can do! I will need your Facebook profile link, (you will need to add me to Facebook yourself as well using the link found below), your email address, and the genre of books you like to read so I can add it to the list of review types we accept (please nobody under 18 as we do also review adult themed books).

For Authors and Publishers

We are very interested in reviewing new books. We strive to make sure to give a good honest review every time! We will do everything we can to make sure that the reviews are out when requested! We read all kinds of books and there isn't much we won't review, however we prefer to be able to look at a blurb or some preview before agreeing to do said review. To request a review, please Fill out our Review Request Form

eBooks or Self-Published: We will NOT review something that can ONLY be accessed through computer(pdf, word, .doc). The reviewers have Kindles and if the book can be viewed that way, we will read it instead of having a hard copy if you prefer. We DO review self-published books and we take all requests on a case by case basis. It all depends on the schedule we each have to work with and we will be sure to let you know promptly as to whether we can or can not fit your book into our schedule.

Our Reviews: Our reviews include the book cover(or wrap, depending on the information given at time of book release to the reviewer), publisher info, general book information (author, release date, formats available in). We also include a summary of the book(blurb) and a purchasing link(amazon paperback AND Kindle when available, Barnes & Noble paperback and Nook when available, Goodreads, Smashwords, Kobo, Books-A-Million, and any specific retailer if you have different choices to add), and a rating. In some cases, I will post some information about the author or other promotion materials (websites, book trailers, widgets, contests, etc.). Our rating system for reviews is listed below.

We will read the book(s) and post the reviews as soon as we can. If you have a particular date you would like the review to be published, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. We always enjoy really getting to know the author. We are more than happy to add an author interview, character bio, or other feature on the date of the review.

Other Information: Since everyone loves a good contest, we are more than happy to host giveaways or other contests. We will also give links and information for any other contests or promotional information related to the book(as requested by the author or publisher).

Rating System: We will rate books from 1-5 shields.

 Read at your own risk!
 Had a few good parts, but mostly bad!
 Decent, worth reading.
 Very good, definitely worth the time.
 Excellent! A must read!


This is important in the blogging community! An ARC or Advanced Reader's Copy is sometimes given out to reviewers before a book release. These books state that they are NOT to be sold. Occasionally people will try to sell these books, and normally for a huge amount of money. It is illegal to sell ARCs!!! If you see anyone selling these books please report them! Most of the ARCs we get from Publishers or Authors, we will be keeping. :) We are book-lovers at heart and enjoy having those special keepsakes. Occasionally we may use one as a prize in a contest or in trade for another book with a blogger, but we will NEVER sell an ARC

If you have any additional questions feel free to Email us! or if you have a review request please Fill out our Review Request Form.


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