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COVER REVEAL: Twist & Turn by Christa Simpson

Twist & Turn
The Twisted Trilogy (Book 2)
Author: Christa Simpson
Self Published
Cover art by: Kellie Dennis of Book Cover By Design
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by Christa Simpson

Release Date:
February 26, 2013
Format: eBook
Self Published
Contemporary Romance

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Blurb: Can a man and woman be just friends? Abigail Jenkins is wondering just that.

Now that Edwin Santora has graduated from law school with honours, he could get a job anywhere he wanted. Of all the places to land, why did he have to take a position with Abigail's small firm? As if sharing a house with her irresistible ex wasn't bad enough, now it was the least of her concerns. When Edwin's macho arrogance begins to seriously affect her dating life, Abigail starts to seriously reconsider their friendship; not that Edwin believes a man and woman can be just friends anyway.

After yet another date gone wrong and Edwin's fierce persistence, Abigail finds herself catching feelings. When Edwin makes a friendly proposal, no-strings-attached, Abigail can't resist. After some sexy role playing, she finds herself dangerously in love and wrapped back up in his powerful grip. Little does he know that Abigail has a strict life plan for herself and has set out to see if Edwin is up for the challenge. When Abigail finally puts their relationship to the test, will it pass with flying colours or will they give in to the mysterious forces trying to drive them apart?


Abigail feared that she had given up on the love of her life, until she met the man of her dreams.

Abigail Jenkins was lucky enough to find one man that met all of her expectations.  Edwin Santora was that man, recklessly handsome and fun-loving, with a body carved from stone.  But it wasn't enough.  Abigail wanted a baby, and that matter was not up for debate.  Edwin, having just scored his first job out of law school, was nowhere near ready to settle down. Abigail was. Relationship over. Or was it? 

Right when Abigail starts to realize that maybe Edwin was her best bet, Cameron Clarke, the man of her dreams, slips into her life, stealing her attention and her heart.  With swoon-worthy sunset-shaped eyes and a smile that lit up the darkest corners of her tragic youth, Abigail knew that he was the one.  Suddenly, Abigail finds that having a baby isn't at the top of her list of things to do. Cameron Clarke is.   

Sparks begin to fly when Abigail gets what she wants and Edwin admits what he thinks about that; but is too little too late?

Meet the author:

Hi all. I'm a Canadian Indie Author and mother of two. I love reading, writing, music, movies and dancing. I like my men muscled, my music loud and my kids happy. :)

I live in a small town near Windsor, Ontario, with my husband of 9 years and two little girls.

TWISTED is my debut New Adult romance novel. Books two and three of The Twisted Trilogy, TWIST AND TURN and A TWIST OF FATE, are coming soon!!

You can find Christa on her blog, Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook with the links below!


#BlogBarrage: "A Touch of Honor (The Honor Trilogy #1)" by J.P. Grider @JPGrider1 #yaromance #paranormalromance

A Touch of Honor (The Honor Trilogy #1)
by J.P. Grider

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Fated Hearts Publishing
Release Date: March 13, 2013
Heat Level: Sweet
Length: 224 Pages

Available at:

Honor hurts...all the time. The doctors say she's fine-it's all in her head. But Honor feels pain. What she doesn't know's not her pain-it's everyone else's.

Seventeen year-old Honor Stevens is not an ordinary teenager. Sure, she looks like one on the outside...but on the inside, there's a whole world of pain going on. Honor is an empath. That means she can feel other people's pain - like that of the girl who is about to be raped in the woods, or the girl who is dying of cancer, or her mom...who is suffering a heart attack. What she doesn't know is what Ethan Sutherland comes to town to tell her - she can save these people. But at what cost? For every life Honor saves, she knocks years off her own.

When Ethan comes looking for her, he isn't counting on falling in love. Now that he has, he wishes he hadn't told her about her abilities. Though he tries his best to talk her out of saving every soul, Ethan loses the battle - Honor's too nice for her own good.

Then there's the matter of Ethan's Estranged, morally corrupt half-brother, Storm - he loves Honor too. And because Honor is intrinsically empathetic, she's aware of Storm's softer side and begins falling for him as well.
When two brothers are forced to work together against a group of evil empaths who are after Honor, they need to put their differences aside and focus on saving the one girl they both love.

A Touch of Honor  is a paranormal love story of a differnt kind. In a world gone mad with vampires and werewolves, A Touch of Honor tugs at the heartstrings with a girl out to heal the person at a time.

He takes hold of my hand, and we proceed to the wooden playground area off to the side of the library. A maze of playthings built from wood will serve as the background to, I suspect, a life-changing turn of events.

We ascend the wooden…plank, I think to myself, though it is really a wooden ramp. But “walkin’ the plank”seems so much more appropriate at this time. Since, unfortunately, I intuit a death sentence on the horizon.

“Honor,” Ethan starts, sitting down on one of the built-in benches. Of course, I follow. “I’ve been having this conversation with myself all afternoon,” he drops his head back against the seat’s wall and shuts his eyes. “Yet I still don’t know where to begin.” He opens his eyes and raises his head. Looking straight at me, right into my own violet eyes, he blurts out, “You’re adopted. You do know that, right?”

Now if I had not been aware of this fact already, I’d be quite traumatized right now. In fact, I’d have become just a bit unhinged at the moment. Come to think of it, I am anyway. “How do you know this?” I ask, astounded that he is aware of something so personal.

“Oh my God, Honor,” he puts his hand on my knee, “you didn’t know?” he asks, shocked.

Pulling my knee out from under his hand, I slide as far over as possible. But when I turn to face him, I swear…there’s a tear falling down his cheek. This tempers my anger…a little. “Yes,” I answer, hearing the sardonic tone in my voice. “I knew. I know…”

Ethan moves toward me.

“But…how do you know? We’ve kept this a secret. No one knows.” Tingly chills run up my spine. I am suddenly afraid.

“Your mother’s name was Hanna. Your father…Daniel. Your last name was Robinson.” Ethan ceases to talk, probably surmising, correctly, my need to absorb this new piece of intelligence about my own life.

Too dumb-stricken for words, I remain silently in awe.

“They gave you up for adoption…because they were dying,” Ethan resumes. “They were only in their early twenties.”

Hearing this makes me sadder than I’ve ever been. My body goes slack, and my eyes begin to burn. My mom, the one who raised me, had told me that my mother, the biological one, was dying when she gave me up. But I’d no idea she was so young. And no one had ever mentioned a father. There is a hollowness in my chest that I’d never known. A vacant home that had been hidden away, not knowing my true identity, now manifests into a cavernous canyon, because now I do know.

“You are from a special breed of people, Honor.” Unaware of the current turmoil taking place in my mind…and my heart, Ethan keeps on talking. “The violet eyes?” He pauses for a reaction from me, which he gets in the form of a blank stare. “They’re characteristic of your true nature.”

There is just no voice in me. All my thoughts are actually knotted into one mess of a ball in the pit of my stomach, where I can feel it trying to find its way up my esophagus. I want to vomit.

“Honor?” Ethan probes, as if I’m not listening. “All that pain you feel…day in and day out,” he pauses and is intent on looking me directly in the eyes, “and healing your mother. You know…you did do that. You know that, don’t you?”

I just shake my head slowly, hand over my mouth.

“Honor Nicole Robinson Stevens.”

My head moves back and forth quickly now, unable to grasp this. My hand is still covering my mouth.

Ethan will not stop.

“You feel people’s pain…Honor.” Ethan shakes his head now. “It is…a horrible existence, Honor, I’m not going to lie.” Tears roll down his face again. “But you are special.”

He smiles through his tears.

“You…” His head drops in a slight bow. “You can heal people…you are an empath, Honor. You take on the hurt and the pain of others…and you can take them away.”

About the author: J.P. Grider, born in Paterson, New Jersey as Julianne Pellegrino, was raised in Haledon, New Jersey, the oldest of six siblings. Her love of writing started early in her childhood, when she started writing poetry in-between homework assignments. As part of a school work program as a Journalism major in High School, J.P. Grider worked as a freelance reporter for a local newspaper, writing feature stories about exceptional high-school classmates. She studied Television Production and Film Writing at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, where she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications.

Two of J.P. Grider's novels have won awards in the Textnovel Writing Contest, with her recently published, Unplugged (A Portrait of a Rock Star) reaching Semi-finalist position. Though Unplugged is not her first novel written, it is the first to be published. Her second novel, Maybe This Life, published Summer 2012, was actually her first attempt at writing a novel. After completing the whole manuscript, Grider decided to scrap the whole thing and rewrite Maybe This Life from scratch. In Grider's opinion, the difference between the two were night and day.

Currently, J.P. Grider is working on a Young Adult Paranormal love story and continues to work on stories in her main genre, Contemporary/Paranormal romance.
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Melissa Wright: Giveaway Winner & Tour Kickoff

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Melissa Wright: Giveaway Winner & Tour Kickoff:

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Giveaway Winner & Tour Kickoff

Congratulations to Bridgette, who won the Kindle Fire giveaway! Her entry has been confirmed and her prize is on its way. Bridgette pinned Bound by Prophecy to her Pinterest page. Thanks to everyone who entered and shared the contest and book release. Look for another big giveaway with the release of the second book in the Descendants series this fall.

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The Sinful and Wicked Mistress: Facebook Against BDSM

The Sinful and Wicked Mistress: Facebook Against BDSM: Original Article A  UK BDSM club called Collared has taken on Facebook over its total ban on all kink and BDSM pages and groups, and...
I just signed the petition "Facebook: Stop targeting BDSM pages as violence against women. " on's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:

REVIEW: Midnight's Master by Donna Grant

Midnight's Master
by Donna Grant

Release Date: May 22, 2012
Format: eBook
Publisher: St Martin's Paperback
Genre: Fantasy & Futuristic/Historical fiction/Paranormal Romance

Find this book at:

Defenders against evil. Bound by the gods. The Dark Warriors are taking their battle from ancient Scotland to the modern world-where a woman's love can set them free


Gwynn Austin has no idea why her father has disappears on a mysterious trip to Scotland. When she goes on a desperate mission to search for him she finds more than she bargains for in a ruggedly handsome, wickedly exciting Highlander who exudes danger and mystery. And when she discovers her own link to Scotland, She'll have to trust her heart to help lead her...


Propelled through time by powerful Druid Magic, Logan Hamilton uses his immortality and powers of the god inside him to help prevent the awakening of an ancient evil in the modern world. He never expects to find help in the form of a beautiful, alluring, and all too tempting woman whose passion and strength matches his own. Together, Logan and Gwynn must fight for their love-before a demon from the past destroys them both...

When I started reading this book, after immediately finishing the Dark Sword Series, we have come to know Logan as the jokester with a hidden secret. When Logan and Duncan were ambushed in the last book, we learn what Logan's secret was and why he was so afraid to tell it... Being thrown 4 centuries into the future (2012), Logan is in search of Dierdre and trying to figure out what/who pulled her through time...

We meet Gwynn, an American from Texas traveling through Scotland in search of her father who has been out of contact for some time now.  Gwynn meets Logan and he finds himself for some reason compelled to stay by and protect her...especially after he finds out SHE is a druid... . I had a few moments through this book when I wanted to thump Logan in the back of the head for doing something I didn’t want him to be doing (Or not do something I felt he should have). Logan and Gwynn meet in Mallig and he escorts her to the Isle of Eigg where they learn that Gwynn is the keeper of the Tablet of Orn and then their travels begin to get…..treacherous. They go to Declan Wallace’s house to search for her father and find much more than they bargained for. Gwynn and Logan work together to escape, but ultimately, Gwynn must drive and navigate Scotland in efforts to rescue Logan. When they arrive at the MacLeod’s castle Gwynn is introduced to the warriors and druids at the castle. I was so touched with the way Logan opened up to Gwynn, and alternately upset with Gwynn for not chasing Logan out of the bathroom to explain herself a bit more. There were many ups and downs in this book and although I was afraid a few times for the lives of my beloved warriors and druids, all ended well with everything coming along in the end. I am however very curious about Saffron and the instant connection she had with her rescuer. I was quite a bit angry with Gary and wished that he was just being forced to obey Declan. But at the point where he met his fate, I was glad and sad all at once. From the beginning to the end of this book I was on edge.  I am very curious to see what will become of this new villain and where Dierdre will go from here… Will she join Declan and try to make their efforts together? Although Dierdre is an evil bi**h, I think that something inside her would like to have a mate… but I am afraid that if she were to find a mate that the world would be in for quite a worry.
I give this book 5 shields!!

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NEW RELEASE!! Midnight's Captive: Part 3 by Donna Grant


Midnight's Captive
by Donna Grant
Release Date: June 25, 2013
Format: eBook
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Contemporary Romance 

Blurb:The desire-and danger-reaches the boiling point in the third installment of this exclusive Dark Warriors e-serial from New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant.

With everything in their world changing-for better or for worse-Laura and Charon do not know who they can trust...not even each other. Charon knows that Laura is still holding back on him. How can this dark, powerful Highlander fight to prove himself-and protect the woman whose heart is his destiny? The only thing Charon knows for sure is that he will never let Laura go...even if she has every reason to fear the darkness within him...and even when time is running out as their greatest enemy closes in.

Be sure to read all four parts of this sensational e-series-and look for the full volume of Midnight's Captive in July 2013 from St. Martin's Paperbacks.
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REVIEW: A Patriotic Whore by Matthew Kadish

A Patriotic Whore
by Matthew Kadish

Release Date: June 4, 2013
Format: Kindle eBook
Self Published
Genre: Adult Contemporary/Erotica
Find this book at: 

Blaire Reese is a party girl. She likes booze, boys, and sex, and has no idea what she wants to do with her life... until she's approached by the CIA to join an elite squad of undercover agents trained in the art of Seduction and Sexual Manipulation.
Now she's in a world where sex is used as a tool, and the people are looked at as nothing more than puppets. Project Cathouse was designed from the ground up by the CIA to teach girls like Blaire how to use their sexuality to enslave the emotions of any person they desire, and then use that person for their own agendas.

Blaire is on board with her training until she falls in love with Drummond Scott, the top male trainee at the Cathouse. But how can she convince a man trained as the ultimate seducer that her love is not only genuine, but that he should love her back?
When emotions are liabilities and sex is a weapon, how can Blaire protect herself from being hurt? What is left for her to trust? When you're patriotic enough to become a whore, is it still possible to ever believe in love?

I received this book as a review request from the author and at first glance I thought to myself "What a horrid name for a book" but I gave it a chance anyways, considering that age old saying not to judge a book by its cover... 
Let me get this part out of the way however, this book is not for the faint at heart. This is most assuredly about SEX. While the scenes could use some more elaboration and could have been made to be more explored in details, there WERE indeed quite a few sex scenes. Enough to make it an NC17 book.  At first, I was very unsure about the dialog for this book due to many new age IM and Texting shorthand and quite a few teenage familiar acronyms including but not limited to "ZOMG" and "O rly?". I really had a hard time really digging into this book and being able to take the time to enjoy this book due to the shorthand used. I feel that not only did it dumb down Blaire, but also made the author's writing style a bit downrated by default. I was able to understand most of the book's shorthand however, it felt like this was more of a story that was being told via text message or maybe more like you were reading a journal of someone in Blaire's position. However, with the psychology taking you in circles, if you did not pay close attention, one could get lost easily.  There is potential and the story-line is very promising, but I would consider using a different editor!

This book gets 3 shields!

About the author:
Matthew Kadish, born in Beavercreek, OH is an independent author and world-recognized evil genius. When he isn't writing or battling evil, he enjoys relaxing at the beach and videos pf puppies. Much like Scottish cuisine, most of his literary works have been based on dares. He currently resides in Las Vegas, NV and always bets on black, because Wesley Snipes has yet to steer him wrong in life. He lists his influences as George RR Martin, JK Rowling, Frank Miller,Stephen Spielberg, and the voices in his head. You can find Matthew on Goodreads and Facebook(links below).