Thursday, June 6, 2013

My complicated wonderful daughter!

Ok, So this week has been seriously awesome thus far.... 

Today Eryn and I went to her Autism Diagnosis Observation Schedule Results appointment... Turns out her doctors think that she is going to need many different types of therapy but gave no real diagnosis.... she has a non-specific spectrum disorder revelation..

There are Pros and Cons to the diagnosis...

+PLS-5 test results
Auditory Comprehension:    97th Percentile
Expressive Communication: 34th Percentile
Total Language Score:          60th Percentile
This means that the doctors feel that she does not need speech therapy! :)
+However, the Behavioral Compilation was more interesting..
SCALE                                                          CLASSIFICATION
Emotionally Reactive                                               Clinical
Anxious/Depressed                                                Borderline
Somatic Complaints                                              Borderline
Withdrawn                                                             Borderline
Sleep Problems                                                          Clinical
Attention Problems                                                   Clinical
Aggressive Behavior                                                  Clinical
Affective Problems                                                     Clinical
Anxiety Problems                                                      Clinical
Pervasive Developmental Disorder Problems         Clinical
ADHD Problems                                                        Clinical
Oppositional Defiant Disorder Problems                Clinical
What this means is that she is going to need treatment soon.
+CDI - Child Development Inventory
Eryn is 40 months old right now.
Social                                                                    24 months
Self Help                                                              38 months
Gross Motor                                                        27 months
Fine Motor                                                          48 months
Expressive Language                                          35 months
Language Comprehension                                 30 months
Letters                                                                  57 months
Numbers                                                               51 months
General Development                                         39 months
DEVELOPMENT QUOTIENT                                      98
Basically means that she is very book smart... but needs Occupational therapy for some things. 
+The Connors' Parent Rating Scale - Revised
BEHAVIORAL AREA                                    RESULTS
Oppositional                                                 Very Elevated
Cognitive Problems/Inattention                           Elevated
Hyperactivity                                               Very Elevated
Conners' ADHD Index                                Very Elevated
The doctor thinks that from the above results, that Eryn may need medicine later in life. But therapy might be enough if we are aggressive enough. (fingers crossed for no medication)
1. Referral to audiology for a hearing evaluation. Eryn may be below normal in her hearing abilities and need her dB line evaluated and measured. 
2. Vision needs tested. Eryn may be having headaches from vision which can cause irritability. Eryn has a tendency to squint when drawing or reading.
3. Children with developmental disorders sometimes develop behaviors which interfere with the child's ability to function in school, home, and in many other social places. The behaviors that are interfering with Eryn's abilities to function at a normal or average range are inattention and obsession/ritualistic practices, and aggression. If Eryn is still having considerable problems with the above listed issues after beginning elementary school, medication may become necessary.
4. Sleep problems can continue to contribute to behavioral issues It is evident that Eryn has sleep onset and sleep maintenance . We recommend a sleep study and they will contact you for an appointment.
5. Behavioral Intervention and support services are available at The family will contact the Child Development Center in Amherst, OH and make an appointment ASAP.
6. County Services: Eryn is being referred to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. The County Office for Developmental Disabilities is responsible for educational and vocational services for individuals with cognitive impairment and developmental disabilities that Eryn is exhibiting. 
7. School: Although there are visible and recognized limitations in Eryn's ability to function in a normal peer based social setting, Eryn's parents are being encouraged at this point in her  therapy to enroll Eryn in school. It is the public school system's responsibility to begin educating children with delays starting at age three. Parents should be proactive about getting Eryn set up with an IEP and contact the local school district to enroll Eryn immediately. 

So basically.... my amazing little gigglebug id going to be a very busy gigglebug very very soon.... 

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