Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beginning my blog and short introduction

Hello and welcome!!!

As you may have surmised, my name is Bridgette. I am a 27 year old mother of 5. I am IRISH... very Irish!! Red Hair, freckles, fair skin, the whole 9... Here recently I have been going through a lot of things and thought that a blog might be a great way to vent, and get out some things that I am not usually very apt to say out loud because I prefer to avoid most unpleasant confrontation. I am an online college student through Ashford University. Awesome school, can be difficult at times, but if it was easy, then everyone would be flying through with degrees and higher educated lifestyles wouldn't they?

 I have a three year old bouncy daughter named Eryn, who is HIGHLY functioning autistic. She is my light I tell ya... Here recently (over the past few months or so) I have begun reading. My lovely sister bugged me and bugged me and buuuuuuuuugged me to begin reading Donna Grant's books. Now prior to this, I had tried reading romance novels but none of them interested me. Boring, no plot lines (in the ones I was reading before) and basically all sex... not my forte'. BUT alas, I decided to humor my sister and read Highland Mist by Donna Grant and I LOVED IT!!! (Review will be posted separately for this book). This made me decide that maybe I needed to begin reading more!! So I did!! Since this revelation I have read 16 books! Which is a HUGE deal for me considering the last series I had read before this (willingly that is) was Babysitter's Club lol. I now own over 100 books and most of them I have yet to read (however, I am slowly making my way through the stack). I also recently won a contest by an awesome author named Melissa Wright and am now the very proud owner of a Kindle Fire HD 7"!!!! As soon as I read Melissa's book Bound by Prophecy, you will see a review for that here as well! In addition to reading, I also draw, cook, write(short stories and poems, nothing major), craft and scrapbook, photography is a passion for me, and I have a handmade jewelry and misc store on Facebook called Charmed by Cherry. Come on by and check out the jewelry, bookmarks, and message if you have any questions about custom orders!! I basically love to do anything with my hands! Including but not limited to gardening!! I will also be posting pictures of my garden as she develops!! Anywho, that is enough about me!! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask in a comment!! I am pretty much an open book! 

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