Wednesday, May 29, 2013

REVIEW: Untamed Highlander (Dark Sword #4) by Donna Grant

Untamed Highlander
(Dark Sword #4)
Publication Date: April 26, 2011

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Druid-born and magic-blessed, Isla is one of the deadliest she-devils ever to serve the forces of darkness. As an immortal Highland warrior, it's up to Hayden Campbell to destroy her and her kind. But for Hayden, Isla is more than a sworn enemy. She is temptation...

Taking Isla captive, Hayden hopes to avenge his kinsmen who died by Druid magic. But when he looks into Isla's eyes, he sees the secrets of her past. When he touches her skin, he feels the passion in her soul. And soon Hayden comes to realize that this beautiful, beguiling woman is not his enemy at all--she is his destiny. And, even as the forces of darkness conspire against them, their love will conquer all...
Begun reading Untamed Highlander the same day as I finished Wicked Highlander... I could not stop myself! This book kept me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning. Hayden Campbell and Isla, the From Hayden saving Isla on Cairn Toul all the way to them falling in love at the end. Hayden, having his entire family killed by a drough and his vow to find and kill the drough that did it did not warm up to Isla very easily at all. And then to find out that even though they thought Dierdre was dead and now learn she's not! My heart hit my stomach!! I was so afraid that Hayden's pride was going to get the best of him. I was VERY surprised to learn that Isla WAS the drough that had killed Hayden's family. I cried, thinking that Hayden might change his mind about his feelings... However, Donna has not disappointed me at all here! She keeps on surprising me at every turn of the page swipe of my Kindle. I have already jumped into Shadow Highlander and am excitedly wanting to see where this series takes us to! I really am hoping that Dierdre gets killed soon.... but then I am hoping that her death doesn't make things worse for these men... Also, wondering if we are going to get to see Marcail's baby in these series' or are they going to fade out...? So many questions...

I give this book 5 shields!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

REVIEW: Reconnected by Bethany Daniels

by Bethany Daniels

Re-Release Date: May 20, 2013
Format: eBook(reviewer's copy)
Genre: New Adult Fiction/Romance

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Blurb: Katy Warren thought her life was perfect. Then her new husband, and also high school sweetheart, gets discovered while theater acting and gets swept away to Hollywood. Once there, things change. Liam throws himself into the Hollywood life and ignores Katy.

One night after a particularly crazy party, Katy can't take it anymore and leaves Liam and his celebrity behind, but doesn't get an official divorce.

Four years later, Liam goes to Georgia for filming and crosses paths with Katy again. But now she's just Kate and she has a boyfriend and she doesn't want anything to do with her marriage. Liam, has other plans.

First, I will say that this book was not like anything I have read thus far(as I am new to enjoying reading Most of the books I read are steamy romances with erotic parts and detailed sex scenes or paranormal romances with shape-shifting hunks or vampires and this book had none of that! But I LOVED reading it!

The beginning of this book was fast paced and a lot happens all at once, but it is the beginning and the lingering non-divorced Kate that drew me in... She goes on to college and avoids Liam at all costs until he begins filming right where she is going to school!! Kate is a great strong woman and I loved reading about how Liam jumped over every hurdle that Kate threw at him! Watching Kate and Kris interact was sweet and heart-warming. I cried when Lucas left the story and found myself unable to stop reading! I read this book from cover to cover in 2 hours!! I recommend this book to anyone over 16 that has that hopeless romantic "happy ever after" mindset, because that was what I saw all through this story.... a hopeless romantic doing everything he could to win the love he once had back.

This book gets 5 shields!! 

About the author:
Bethany Daniel is a 24 year young mother of 2 rambunctious little boys! Living in Texas with her hubby and children she enjoys every second of being an active player of "Catch-my-kid". When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, photography and chatting away with her mommy friends!
She has a second book due to be released August 12, 2013 named Disconnected which, while a standalone book, is related to reconnected as it is the story from Liam's point of view. You can find Bethany on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads(links below). 


REVIEW: Wicked Highlander (Dark Sword #3) by Donna Grant

Wicked Highlander
Publication Date: November 2, 2010

Available Here:

The most reckless and fierce of the MacLeod brothers, Quinn is a prisoner of the god inside him, tormented by his inability to save his family from slaughter. His fury governs him, and day by day he loses himself to the darkness in his soul. But Quinn has a profound yearning for a woman's love....

Raised by Druids, the achingly beautiful Marcail is as spellbinding as the ancient magic that surges through her body. To Quinn, she is most desirable woman he has ever known. But to his enemy Deirdre, she is the perfect bait to lure Quinn into her trap. Once the two lovers are in her wicked grasp, their passion will be put to the ultimate test...
At many points throughout this book I was worried they would fail... also was amazed to see Quinn so different than he was in the first two books... Marcail is someone of great importance and it was so great. Their love story... All I could think of was how amazing this all was. So excited about how this all ended and am looking forward to the next book in this series!!!

I give this book 5 out of 5 shields!!!