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COVER REVEAL: Awakened (Ariya Adams Trilogy Book 2) by Anna Applegate +CHARACTER INTERVIEW

Ariya Adams Trilogy
Book 2
by Anna Applegate
Genre: New-Adult, Paranormal Romance


Nothing is ever quite as it seems, at least not for Ariya Adams. She’s only recently discovered the supernatural world is real, and that world wants something from her. Her blood. Her unique ability to heal both werewolves and vampires with a few drops of it has put her in inexplicable danger, danger that elicited her introduction to James, the sexy vampire who has become more to her than just her Protector.
James has done well to protect Ariya in the past, but when defending against a new, more powerful and manipulative evil, it may be more than they can handle. Ariya’s forbidden affair with him makes her more vulnerable to the deception that this new enemy brings along. Her grasp on reality will be tested and twisted as she battles to save James, her friends, and herself.
Despite her determination, she may be faced with a pain greater than she ever thought possible. This time, the power of her blood might not be enough to save those she loves most. And if that happens, will Ariya survive?
Protected (Book 1 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy)
Awakened (Book 2 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy)

Okay, First off, Ariya and James, thank you for agreeing to this interview…
*glances over at Ariya* did you have to drag him in here kicking and screaming or what? Hehe
Ariya laughs and James smiles his sexy side smile, as if confirming the comment.
Don’t worry James, I will keep yours to a minimum J

Ariya, when James kept appearing at “just the right time” didn’t you begin thinking it was a little too coincidental?
“Unfortunately, I think I’m a bit oblivious. I know by now everyone knows my luck with men certainly isn’t “good.” I assumed those times he showed up was a just-my-luck kind of thing, instead of what was actually the case. I would never have guessed vampire though even if it did get obvious ever.” *she chuckles*
And James, while reading this book, there were a few times I wanted to take you by the shoulders and shake you… Why make yourself suffer when you KNEW she was right there?
“You’re telling me!” Ariya chimes in laughing and James smirks at her but then gets serious. “Being with me means the end of a lot of things in Ariya’s life. Whether she fully realizes it or not. The thought of not only going against what I’ve been raised is the right way, but also to know there was a chance I would ruin something for her, I couldn’t handle it and I still struggle with it. I don’t want there to be anything keeping her from having a perfect life. The things that have been close to her heart, like a family, are things I can’t give her. I would never forgive myself if I took something like that away and she regretted it later.” Ariya’s hand moves to James leg to comfort him and shakes her head. The seriousness on James’ face breaks and he moves his arm to the back of Ariya’s neck lovingly, before returning it to its resting position on the couch behind her.
Ariya, do you think that we are going to see more of Riley in Book two? I really wanted *glances at James to make sure he’s not listening* at the beginning, I really was rooting for an Riley and Ariya thing J … can’t blame me.. lol
James shifts uncomfortably as Ariya chuckles. “Riley really proves himself as my rock in Book 2. I think the readers will see a change in our relationship.  Riley and I get into a very difficult situation and we have to rely on each other more than we ever have before.  Going through trying times together, brings people closer, it’s just a fact. But, for the readers, yes, Riley is back in book 2.”
James, How has your relationship with your father changed since you and Ariya’s dating?
“It hasn’t. Marik is good at what he does and so am I. He’s unhappy with the decisions I’ve made but his opinion isn’t sought out.” Now it’s Ariya’s turn to shift uncomfortably. As if she’s hiding something. James frowns for a moment, perhaps noticing her movements. Hmmm…
Alright Mister James… spill… what is with you’re on again off again sensuality? I mean sheesh… it’s enough to give a girl whiplash! Lol
“I never meant to be overly sensual with, Ariya.”  Ariya’s mouth opens slightly in shock. “I couldn’t help what happened most of the time. She’s just this perfect thing that came into my life at a time when I thought I would never truly feel alive again. I struggle with what that means for us.” They catch each other’s glances and I swoon at the connection between them.
Ariya, You do know that if you and James are going to be a long term thing… that eventually you may be faced with the option of being turned… have you any thoughts to how you would handle that?
James flat out clenches his hand into a fist behind Ariya’s back and his entire body is rigid at this point. My question has caused the room to fill with a tension I could cut through. “Ummm…” Ariya trails off. “I think that’s a bridge we will have to cross when the time comes. I know James feels I have responsibilities, before that would happen, in continuing the bloodline.” Ariya clears her throat and I jump in to try and make this less awkward.
Alright you two….. I will let you go… James seems to be getting a bit twitchy from my prying mind.. lol but one thing…. Mind sharing with us a teaser from book two? Just a little bit.. ;)
“The one I have in mind is an awkward one?” James looks at her, curious, as if he isn’t sure which part she means.
“From when we were at your grandfather’s cabin.” Ariya clarifies and James lets out a tiny chuckle and looks down into his hand that has reached to hold Ariya’s in her lap.
“If that’s the one you want to tell.” Her beam brings out James’ megawatt smile in return and I’m half convinced they forgot I was in the room at that moment.
(This has not been through final edits yet)
He shook his head and brushed his fingers across my cheek. I was on a roll so I continued trekking down the path we were on. “Have you ever?”
I would be foolish to think in two hundred and fifty years James had never had sex. He was a walking advertisement for women's fantasy’s everywhere. To his credit, he didn't get uncomfortable with the question."Yes," he said, actually hiding a smile."How many times?" I asked, curious for more information from him, but trying to come out with my questions in a calm and unconcerned manner. He hesitated, tilting his head as he regarded me. "A couple,” he smirked before continuing, “do you mean how many women?” I nodded. “Eight. All vampires."Eight was a lot less than I would have thought for someone that looked like a walking sex ad."Did you love them? How did you know them?" I took the plunge, wanting to know everything. He looked at me for a moment, as if deciding whether or not to tell me, and sighed."I'm not proud of it. Believe it or not I was a gentleman before I turned. I was focused on my job and wasn’t interested in relationships. The first time was soon after I first turned. Everything is different. You feel more, experience more, and want more. It’s a powerful feeling, when you first turn.”“The first time was a one night thing and like I said, I'm not proud of it. Two were vampires I dated for awhile. It didn't work because I was focused on my job. The rest were just random.” His eyes flicked to mine almost as if he were ashamed. He didn’t need to be. We hadn’t known each other then, heck I wasn’t even alive.
“Besides that, there hasn't been anyone. I know I keep saying it, but I've been focused on my job, Ariya.""You’ve only been intimate with eight women?" I asked shocked. He smiled, again, more seductively this time."No, that is all I've had sex with though." I nodded catching his drift and hating that I did.
"So is it because I'm not a vampire?"He'd never had sex with a human, he admitted that much, so perhaps that was what was holding him back with me. Although, Caroline told me Nick loved it when she was human, so I wasn’t sure why it was an issue. It was that or he was still on his whole issue from last year about the bloodline not being able to mix with the Protector line, which was stupid since we knew that wasn’t the case."No, it's not. Ariya, I told you I want to. I know you though and I know that you haven't had sex before. I want you to be sure and I don't think a whim decision in a cabin would be what you imagined. Plus, I don't think we should yet." He walked up and kissed me hard, "But, that doesn't mean we can't do stuff." He smiled wickedly and threw me onto his bed.
Urghh!! You know how to leave a cliff hanger! Lol Thank you again James and Ariya for coming and talking with me and letting me bug the ever living out of ya.. J …Ariya, don’t let him go… and James…. Keep her safe. 
Anna Applegate lives in rural Maryland with her husband and goldendoodle.

She loves reading, romance of all kinds, sappy chick flicks, paranormal 
literature, shooting stars, Disney, traveling, and having an imagination.

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