Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Duchess by Chance by Wendy Vella

Duchess By Chance
By Wendy Vella
Publication Date: August 9, 2013


Daniel, Duke of Stratton, learns of his betrothal to Miss Berengaria Evangeline Winchcomb minutes before his father’s death. Having gambled his fortune away, all the late Duke had left to sell was his son. To save his family’s honor Daniel agrees to the marriage, but society’s favorite bachelor is no longer a charming easygoing man - his father’s betrayal has left him angry and with a thirst for revenge.
Eva learns she is to wed the Duke of Stratton on the way to the church. Inside she feels a flicker of hope that at last she is to leave her horrid family - however that flicker is short-lived as she faces the cold unyielding man who is now her husband.
Has she merely replaced one tyrant with another?

Winner: Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Award for a full-length romantic manuscript.
Ok, so we have Eva, who upon her 18th birthday finds out that her hand in marriage is promised to Daniel… (Seventh Duke of Stratton) and despite never meeting this man she was to marry him IMMEDIETLY!! Well…. I was about ready to go all female rights yadda yadda all over this book, but a pang of curiosity hit me as most authors don’t do this without having a reason… soooo Reading along…
We find out that Daniel also had NO CLUE about his betrothal…. He was dying to be able to do his own thing and not be under his father’s thumb but on his death bed his father told him of the engagement… well now this is QUITE the twist for me!!
Daniel marries Eva due to him keeping to his family (and his own personal) honor… After some time of being married Daniel learns of Eva’s evil family… father, brothers, and a man just freaking bound and determined to have her as HIS… Well, Daniel was having no part of that… He began protecting Eva and even though their relationship started a bit… standoffish.. (is that the right word for two people that basically wanted to be anyplace BUT where they were in the beginning…. Anyways… I digress..) Daniel is such a sweetheart and I loved that his ….I don’t want to say rule.. but I am at a loss for words here other than that lol)  was that when they went to bed each night, they left all the worldly problems and struggles behind them and they were just them… I so loved him for that!! This is a great read for those who don’t like the SNAP-Instant love you get in most stories and a fight in a husband and lover that will knock your socks off!!

I give this 5 out of 5 Shields!

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