Saturday, September 14, 2013

REVIEW: Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James

Ok, so when I first started this book I was going off of a certain level of hype from the media and had no real expectation other than there was BDSM and Christian Grey was a Dom. In the beginning, I was rather glad that the book did not jump straightaway into sex and kinkery. First, we meet Anastasia Steele, getting ready for an interview that she was not prepared for to help out her college roommate Kate who has fallen ill. Ana reminded me of myself when she was stumbling into the office to see elegant Christian Grey helping her up. She stumbles through interview questions written by her roommate and embarrassingly asks Mr. Grey is he is GAY and in that moment I loved this book and her embarrassment was what made me stuck and determined. We later on re-see Christian at Ana's place of work, a hardware store. and he seems to "bump into her". As time goes by, too many chance meetings come to happen and she is introduced to Christian's "playroom" or as Anastasia calls it his "Red Room of Pain" wherein Christian Mr. Grey... has a very wide assortment of whips, canes, floggers, and other BDSM familiar tools. He wants Ana to be his submissive... this is clear. However, Anastasia Steele comes to be discovered is not only a spitfire and not one to submit completely... or even at all sometimes... but is also a virgin well... dandy... Mr. Grey seems to come apart and you can see a change in him that he goes from cold and calculating Christian who is of his own admission"Fifty Shades of Fucked-Up"In the end of this all, She gets to be emerged into a world she not only had never been in before, but a lifestyle that she wasn't even aware existed nor did she know if she wanted to be involved in. It seems throughout that Christian is going to just be straightforward and Dom/sub with Ana, however, he keeps asking her and practically begging her not to leave him. He buys her lavish gifts and shows up unannounced and she just basically.... can not refuse him. Ana falls in love, this you can see... but Christian is a darker story and although I believe it will happen eventually, he does not completely let go of his securities which are the BDSM lifestyle. The cliff hanger at the end was NUTS!!! She just walked out! I cried and rummaged through my Amazon account until I was able to get my hands on book 2 and began reading almost instantly. This book was addicting. I found myself thinking about what would be happening next whenever I was not reading the book.... LOVED this first book, and have high hopes for the second and third...I give it 5 Shields and am moving on to book two as we speak!!

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