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REVIEW: The Pandora Affair by Tiffany Toto +GIVEAWAY!!!

The Pandora Affair
(Pandora Romance) 

Release Date: October 2, 2013
Available Here:

Samantha reluctantly was pulled into James life. All seems to be going well when suddenly her past catches up with her. A shadow from long ago creeps into her life and then begins a very terrifying game…all the while, James holds back his stealthy passion for Samantha with all the self-control he can manage…and Alex can’t stop himself from lusting after her…

Samantha is confused…her untrusting heart wants to reach out to James but her mind keeps her away…She wants to feel his strong arms around her and yet when he finally does embrace her in passion…he leaves her behind…why?

OH MY JEEZE!!! At the end of the Prologue for this book my heart stopped and I DROPPED MY KINDLE!! That's right.... dropped... Well.... after picking it back up and examining it for damage, I dove RIGHT into this novel!! Samantha Lockley (Fake Name/Long Story.... Wanna know why? Read it!! :-P hehe I know, mean right?)  Anywho... she's been living her new life for a while now, when one day at work, a customer she's serving coffee to becomes the victim of a "Hot Coffee Tidal Wave" As is so eloquently put in the book... lol Samantha finds herself needing a new job... walks into Pandora Bar & Grill, wows the manager and job acquired... Her boss.... well, James is.... a bit of a character, but he's great!! And I laughed so many times at his reactions to Samantha's sass that this book that I couldn't help of think of James as a clueless dunce throughout most of the first half of the book.. lol. It’s definitely a story that sucked me in, held on, and took me for a ride!! The Pandora Affair has so many twists and turns and downright “WAIT!! OMG!! WTF!??!” moments that I couldn’t wait or stop myself from flipping to see what was on the next page! I knew there was something off about Alex but that was like O_O for me!!  And Tyler!! OMG What an amazing character! I love the gay best friend! I collect gay people(according to my sister lol) I have more gay boyfriends than straight friends!! Lol James really is awesome and his determination top notch I tell ya! Roger was a hoot! I loved his quips and comebacks here and there. Tiffany had me in suspense through this entire book..!

If you like stories that aren’t 100% predictable with a sassy heroine, a kick-ass hero, and the FABULOUS gay bestie… with murder, suspense, love, and hot sex… then don’t miss out!! Grab this book now so you can read book two when it comes out!

I give this book 5 out of 5 shields!!

So after reading book one, Tiffany told me that I could have a sneak peek at the first little bit of the second book in this series... OMG she has done it again.... as long as the rest of the book stays on the track where she has it going thus far, you are going to have yourself a few heart-attacks along this leg of your journey... This is going to be a BUMPY RIDE!!

Tiffany Toto was born February 11th, 1974 in Tucson, Arizona. She is the youngest of five children born to Westley and Patricia Botts. Her siblings are Tom, Tim, Trisha and Terese. Tiffany's two children are eldest Miranda, and son Jacob. Tiffany has always loved creative writing and has written short stories in the past. She has an incredible love for animals and is a true advocate against animal abuse.

Tiffany is the Author of The Pandora Romance Novels. First book of the series is "The Pandora Affair", Second book "Pandora's Soldiers" is currently being written.

Tiffany even stopped by to say a few words!! Take it away girl!!

Thank you so much for reviewing my book for me! I am more than happy to give away a book or 2.. Of your readers would like…”

-Me: “AWESOME!! Now, tell us a little about yourself, we will make an entry in the giveaway a trivia question from what you say to me!” *winks*
-Tiffany: ” I have been an avid reader of romance novels for years but they were always the same...just romance and drama, the sex was never enough to blow your mind and the drama...well, let's just say there is more drama in my dreams. If you are lucky, there may be some suspense. I am one personality that enjoys everything. I have yet to find that one book that made me sit back and go "Wow, that was amazing!" I thought about how great it would be if someone wrote something that incredible...then I thought maybe I should try it.

There are different kinds of readers, there are those who can use their imagination to picture the story and there are others who read the story but would love to have more of a visual. If you read a lot of romance novels, and you make the decision to read my book you will realize that "The Pandora Affair" is nothing like anything you have ever read. It turned out better than I could have ever hoped and it offers everything a creative and hungry mind longs for. The Pandora Affair has Romance, sex, drama, mystery, suspense, murder, humor and a gay best friend! My books cater to all.

I started writing The Pandora Affair in February of 2001 and finally completed it October 2012...why did it take me so long? I am guessing my A.D.D had something to do with......OH look at the kitty......where were we? It also went on hiatus during my divorce. So once it was done, I needed feedback to see if it was worth I had a small group of guinea pigs read it and every single person loved it and told me I HAD to get it published, ever since I have been hounded relentlessly to write another. So, my mind starts churning and the thought process for a new book began. Along with my newfound love and appreciation of life, and my new life experiences in seeking personal growth, new love and desires, and new friendships. My new book "Pandora's Soldiers" will also be a reflection of my experiences with my very first book "The Pandora Affair".

I really hope everyone enjoys the books as much as I do...”

-Me: WOW!!You know what… I saw that cat too! Lol…. Do you have a favorite quote?”

-Tiffany: “As a matter of fact, I DO!!...

~Without creativity, there is no passion and without passion there is no creativity~ Tiffany Toto


-My full name is Tiffany Louise Toto
-My star sign is Aquarius 
-My closest friends are Lisa Medina, Rose Baker, Annette Layton and Crystal Neiswonger
-I love people who can respond to my sarcasm with their sarcasm without skipping a beat
-My favorite color is Green, Hot Pink and Black, Green reminds me of the outdoors and Hot Pink and Black remind me of the Pink Ladies
-I love to say random things to make people laugh
-The people who support me the most are my sisters Trisha and Terese and my sisters in law Babette and Ingrid, they have helped me to stay strong
-I am scared to death of spiders and scary movies (I LOVE scary movies but have to have someone to watch them with someone because I am a big chicken)
-My favorite movie of all time is Jaws
-I respect people who have the courage to tell it like it is
-I am seriously OCD
-My toenails are always painted maroon
-I stole my dad’s car when I was 16
-My favorite childhood book was Rikki-Tikki-Tavi 
-I fall asleep to classical music because it relaxes me
-I am fascinated with Sharks, my favorite is the Prehistoric Megalodon
-I am such a socializer I will start a conversation with anyone that doesn’t have the IQ of a cannoli
-I have a ritual dinner when I watch my favorite weekly show (The Walking Dead)... I have top sirloin steak with A1 steak sauce and a baked potato with sour cream and a side of asparagus …I must have 3 different kinds of drinks…water, milk and Diet Pepsi.
-It took me 11 years to write The Pandora Affair because it started out as a “Bucket List” item
-I ate a Jello sugar-free pudding and watched Dexter as I wrote these facts about me… HEHE

I wanted to give you a little taste of book two as well...

Here it is...

~~Excerpt from Pandora's Soldiers (The Pandora Romance Series Book Two)~~

“I’m sorry, honey. I am so sorry about your friends.” She closed her eyes as she lay her head on his shoulder and squeezed his arm lovingly.
“You and Sophia are going to New York, go home and start packing…you’re leaving first thing in the morning.” James voice sounded troubled to her.“What’s in New York?” She asked inquisitively.
“New Yorkers.” James answered her.
“Why are we going to New York, James?” Samantha wanted an answer from him and ‘because I said so’ wasn’t going to cut it.
“Because I said so…go home now and start packing.” James instructed her.
“James...” Samantha started to object but then decided it was best that she didn’t, she knew something was wrong…seriously wrong and he was protecting her the only way he knew how for right now. “How long do I pack for?”
“Travel light, a week…don’t go overboard.” He responded gently, every time he looked at her he fell in love all over again and it killed him to send her away but without knowing what he was dealing with there was not another option.
She excused herself and moved from the table, James grabbed her hand before she got away and brought her close and kissed her, then whispered ‘I love you’ in her ear. She stood back up and he continued to hold her hand in his until she pulled away.


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