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Today, we have a special guest that stopped by to answer some amazing questions for us and is giving us a little peek inside her world!!! Everyone Welcome Tiffany Toto!!!

My name is Tiffany Toto, author of the Pandora Romance Novels and would love to have you join me on my adventures in creating the ultimate Romance Novel experience.

Pandora Romance Novels are built around four main characters Samantha, James, Roger and Tyler. Each character has their own unique and fascinating personalities, and who play an important role in each of my books. You will always see all my main characters in every book along with new characters I create.

Me: Tiffany, thank you 
for taking the time to sit 
down with me and answer 
a few questions..

Tiffany: You tied me 
to a chair… :-P

Me: Well….you never sits 
still and you’re A.D.D…? 
I had to figure out something! 

Tiffany: Okay, 
I’m totally serious now…

Me: Lol.. dork :-P

Tiffany: You love me

Me: You know it!! So, 
why don’t you tell us a 
few “Secrets” about 
yourself Tiff…
Tiffany: Do you want regular
 run of the mill secrets, 
or naughty ones Bridgette?
Me: How about one 
naughty, one silly, 
and one serious… 
and whatever else you 
feel like throwing in there…

Tiffany:  Sounds Fair… 
My naughty one 
would be that I really 
thrive on having a stimulating 
and intellectual conversation 
with my significant other 
before I write a powerful 
and lusty scene. I am not sure 
how he does it but he 
ignites a fire that sends me 
into literary ecstasy and I 
just need to....write...and I do.

Me: Very nice… 
must be SOME guy!!

Tiffany: He certainly is.


My silly one would be is that 
I have mini rituals because 
of my OCD...for instance...
If I have the urge to write 
I carry several notebooks 
and several pens everywhere I 
go...I have to mix and match 
the colors of my notebook 
and pen depending on my 
mood. Yesterday, I was in 
the middle of doing something 
and I stopped and pulled 
out my little hot pink 
notepad that says 
"Princess" on the cover 
along with my favorite 
green ink pen and I jotted down 
some notes for Pandora's Soldiers....
My favorite colors are green, 
hot pink and black so I have 
notebooks and pens for each keeps me 
happy as strange as it sounds.

Me:  I can’t imagine 
the size of your purse lol… 
but hey, whatever helps you 
remember your epiphanies is 
awesome in my book!!

Tiffany: They are not huge 
notebooks, just travel size 
and I carry them in my pink 
Victoria Secret shoulder tote...
My serious secret...Yeah, 
I am going to have 
to plead the 5th on this one...

Me: Ohh no you don’t
 missy…. Spill :-P

Tiffany: Spill what? 
I have Noooooooo idea 
what you're talking about.

Me: you get a free pass... 
this time but only because 
I want to know more stuff... 
but we will come back to this one..

Tiffany: Hahaa!! Okay!

Me:  Getting to know your 
characters was amazing! 
Are any of them based on 
anyone real life?

Tiffany: I do write most of my 
character experiences based 
on past experiences of either 
myself or people that I have 
known, exaggerated of course.
The character images 
on my facebook page are people
 chosen that have some
 influence in my life as well...
Samantha my main heroine, 
she is my beautiful niece!

Me: Alright… 
now to the nitty gritty… 
You said it took you 11 years 
to write The Pandora Affair… 
How come it took so 
long to get there? 
Writers block extreme?

Tiffany: I am guessing my A.D.D 
had something to do with......

OH look at the kitty......
where were we? 
It also went on hiatus 
during my divorce. 
So once it was done, 
I needed feedback to see 
if it was worth publishing....
so I had a small group of guinea pigs
 read it and every single person 
loved it and told me 
I HAD to get it published!!

Me: So, since it took 
eleven years to write the 
first one... are we going to 
have to wait another 11 years to 
find out what is happening in book two?

Tiffany: No, 
The Pandora Affair started out 
as bucket list item, 
after I let my sister in law 
Babette and my cousin Jessi 
read it before it was published 
I was given a MUCH stricter deadline 
to get the next book, 
Pandora's Soldiers in their hands 
in less than 12 months...
greedy bitches! 
That was more time than
 my friend James Gouine gave me,
 after he finished 
The Pandora Affair 
he told me he would need 
Pandora’s Soldiers finished 
and in his hands no later than
 the following week…LOL

Me: Sounds like you have
 a wonderful support system there…
Now, Do you have any favorite authors?

Tiffany: Ok, favorite Authors...
my all-time favorite is Stephen King, 
I have read his books since I can remember...
I also like John Grisham, 
Edgar Allan Poe, J. K. Rowling 
and yes...Stephanie Meyer...
don't judge me! 
LOL...I love my Twilight!!

Me: EEEKK!! I <3's Twilight...
 Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Tiffany: Team Both.. :-P

Me: I am so 

How can you be both?? lol
Tiffany:  Hahahaaa 
ok so let me tell 
you the story 
behind Team Both..
Me:  Yes Please Do!!

Tiffany: I LOVE Vampires, 
love them...from Buffy, Angel, 
Spike and Twilight...
one of my best guy friends Jesse
 is not only awesome but he loves there is a running
 joke with us that I am Bella and
 he is Jacob...and whenever I 
needed him for comfort when I 
was mad at my Vampire (LOL), 
he was there... 

Me:  lol now that's cute… 
So, I am going to list a couple things
 and we are going to play this or that.
.. and you are going to pick one ready??

Tiffany: Sure!

Me:  Good because after
 a few of these.... 
I have a couple juicy questions
 to ask before I let you go!

Tiffany: Oh Lordy! LOL

Me:  Chocolate:
Dark, White, or Milk?

Tiffany: Milk..

Me:  Movie night:
Scary movie and cuddling 
with your lover, or chick 
flick with the gals!

Tiffany: Scary movie
 cuddling with lover...

Me:  I can’t do ANYTHING 
without music going… SO….
When you're writing: 
Quiet and focused, 
OR music/tv going?

Tiffany: I can do either, 
depends on my mood.

Me:  does the music 
affect your writing?

Tiffany: honestly if I
 do listen to music when I write
 it will always be classical.

Me:  Alright... Now I 
got to read a little into 
Pandora's Soldiers and 
I got a taste of one of your 
HAWT sex scenes... 
Now, in The Pandora Affair, 
they were good, but in this one, 
the people involved seem to have 
QUITE a bit more dominance 
and the sex does in a little bit of a 
different direction 
(In a good way of course) 
What changed or made you decide
 to make it so different..?

Tiffany: Well....
Mmmmm about that question ...
When I wrote The Pandora Affair 
I was married to a semi smarter 
version of Rainman.....
I am currently dating Ironman...LOL  

Me:  well well.... 
now that my mouth is watering...
Which character in the 
books is your Ironman and 
why do you call
him Ironman?

Tiffany: Well, unfortunately 
he was not around for the
 creation of The Pandora Affair,
 but he is a significant part
 of all of my characters in 
Pandora’s Soldiers. 
Every time I get stuck 
and need help we discuss what a 
scene is going to be like and we 
go over scenarios to see which 
one works best for 
that character. 
Let’s just say 
his inspiration 
is unrelenting.

The reason I call him 
Ironman is because it is 
damn near impossible to win a
 debate on certain subjects 
with him and god knows 
I’ve tried. His sarcasm and 
intelligence on certain subjects 
outweighs my own and 
he is not big on being in the 

limelight, so that is why I use 
Ironman instead of his name.

Me:  Ooh what a stud! 
 He's a sexy character. *fans self* 
 I like James... but then again,
 I am a horse of a different color lol!!

Tiffany: I love James too, 
and Roger...
all my characters...
I am being very biased!!

Me:  hehe Alright, now I have
 interviewed a couple 
authors and some say that they 
decide the story... and some say
 that it's more like, the characters
 write out their story inside their 
head and the author is just the one
 to put their story on the paper..
Which one are you?

Tiffany: I am the puppeteer
 and control the characters...
based on audience reaction to 
the characters themselves, 
I write from there...
I am truly about the twist 
and turns of the shock factor...
does that make sense?

Me:  sURE DOES!!
Apparently my Caps 
Lock loves you! Lol

Tiffany: Haaa I make 
everything hard and big


Tiffany: That came out wrong…

Me:  That’s what she said.. 

Me:  Okay, Okay, 
I will go back to being good.. 

Tiffany: *pokes Bridgette*

Me:  So, I have to ask... 
I have one author friend 
DL Roan who is an advocate 
for human trafficking.. 
and trust me, you'd be 
SHOCKED to find out how 
much of it is going on here 
under our own noses!!
Is there anything that you 
feel strongly about or want 
to tell my readers about?

Tiffany: I am a HUGE 
advocate against Animal Abuse 
and Canine Cancer, 
I just recently lost my best friend, 
companion and therapy dog 
to bladder cancer 
and it turned my world upside down...
now a portion of the proceeds 
from my books will go to 
the National Canine Cancer Foundation.

Me:  that is so sweet!! 
I am sorry for your loss, 
but maybe this will give 
you a chance to make some 
new canine kiddos..?

Tiffany: We got a puppy 
on Halloween right before 
Buddy was diagnosed, 
but yes I always adopt.

Me:  You've been so 
wonderful and I hope 
I am not taking too much 
time away from your writing.., 
but I HAVE to ask...

If you could pick any movie stars, 
(current or past) to play 
these characters, 
who would you pick?


(Remember...I want an all star cast!! *winks*)

Me:  Okay, Okay, 
I know I said that was 
the last one,…. 
But I can’t help myself!! 
I have one more!! 
I will stop after this one! :-D

Tiffany:  Alright :-D Shoot..

Me:  There are quite a few 
main characters that I met 
in that teaser you sent me 
from Pandora’s Soldiers… 
How about showing me a 
couple Top Notch Movie Stars 
to play a couple people from 
Pandora’s Soldiers!! 
Give my fans a little taste 
of the men in book two!! :-D

Me:  My Oh My!!! 
I can’t wait to be able 
to read more bout these 
smexi men in Book two!!  
Thank you for spending 
time with me and letting 
me pick your brain! :)

Tiffany: Anytime hun! 
Thanks for the interview!

I have something for your readers....
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