Sunday, January 25, 2015

REVIEW: Fire Rising by Donna Grant

Fire Rising by Donna Grant

For centuries, the Dragon Kings have battled heaven and earth to protect their dragon magic. But when a beautiful mortal seeks refuge in their lair, she ignites a warrior’s love, an enemy’s wrath, and a firestorm of passion that could destroy them all…

Sammi Miller lives a quiet life as a pub owner in the Scottish Highlands—until the mob bursts in with guns blazing, looking for her ex-lover. Taking a bullet in the shoulder, she manages to escape and make her way to her half-sister Jane. Hidden away in the mountain fortress of the mysterious Dreagan Industries, Sammi finds more than a safe haven. She finds Tristan—the most gorgeous, beguiling, and haunted man she has ever known…

Newest of the Dragon Kings, Tristan fell from the sky in a snowstorm naked with a sword—but with no memories of his ancient struggles. When he meets the wounded Sammi, something powerful stirs within his heart. When he sees the dragon symbol etched into the bullet from her shoulder, something fierce burns within his soul. With his darkest enemies closing in, Tristan must take wing, take sides—and take no prisoners—to save the woman he’s destined to love…in Fire Rising, second novel in the Dark Kings series.

This is the next installment of Donna Grant’s “Dark Kings” series. I was so on the edge when I got to read this one because Tristan is the biggest mystery next to Con himself! Such a rugged and utterly perfect man can’t make the story easy can he? Heck no! lol that wouldn’t be very fun now would it?? Lol
Tristan has been having some memories flashing back from his time before he was a Dragon King and then in the last book we found out a secret that kinda rocked some of Donna’s die hard fans that all were dying to know!
Sammi is an amazing heroine if I do say so myself… Such a stubborn and strong willed young woman! This book was a bit of a slow burner to start it off bur the further I read, the more I had to have!!
I did spot a few minor spelling errors, however if you’ve read the previous books in this series it isn’t something that you wouldn’t be able to venture past easily. Con really shocked me in this book a couple times as well!! And then learning that Rhi’s Dragon King Lover is alive! I thought by the way she was talking about him, that he was dead! But as always, Donna only gives us as much info as we direly need to continue and didn’t reveal who Rhi’s lover actually IS… So I guess I will read on to see if I learn later! Lol

I give this book 4 out of 5 shields! 

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