Sunday, January 18, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! **Reviews Coming Soon**

Hey everyone!! Soooooo I FINALLY found my book of reviews and it just so happens that I have 12 reviews to post!!!! IKR! I was in shock too!! lol 

Sooooo over the net few days you're going to see reviews like crazy coming off the pages! Don't be alarmed, I read them lol I even BOUGHT some of them... (Not all are ARCs) but they will all be on the blog... ONE REVIEW each day and then I'm going to be restarting my blog tours!!

If you or someone you know is running or signing people up for blog tours, send em my way! email me at BOOKWORMBRIDGETTE@GMAIL.COM with the line BLOG TOUR OPPORTUNITY and the book name, and I'll get right into it!! :)

Soooo sorry about my absence, but I had a LOT of personal shit come up, so I had fallen off the book wagon, but I'm back on and reading like a fool!! LOL

To my fans and readers... Thanks for sticking by me through all this... 

also... I will be revealing some pretty big news this week and you DON'T want to miss it!! So make sure you're subscribed to my blog to get these updates!!!! 


  1. So, you have your reviews written in a book? Like on paper? It's funny how foreign this idea is to me - I am WAY too dependent on technology! LOL! Happy reviewing!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Yeah, I keep a notebook by my bedside so that if I finish a book while I'm laying in bed, I can hash out a review real quick and transcribe it to the blog in the AM. :)