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REVIEW: Parker's Past by Regina Frame

Parker's Past
(The Beaumont Trilogy, #2)

Release Date: November 30, 2013


Parker Beaumont is a man who gets what he wants. He's known for his playboy lifestyle and womanizing ways. After his parents failed marriage, he vowed never to fall in love. Love destroys people and sometimes they don't recover. Sometimes they don't come back.

Alright, so this might seem like a bit of a bitching session, and I really really hate giving low ratings on books, so I look for anything and everything I can to bump it up a star and make sure that I look closely at everything I can to help out the author... However, This book was just... in need of quite a bit of help...
(*(A RECAP)*)
In book one in this series Saving Chloe Parker's estranged ex fling Allison's brother's last name was Townsend. So was the CEO of Baby Bee... Now this was a little confusing, but since the first book was a 3 star review, and it had promise, I figured that maybe the second book would be a little better... *sigh* here we go.

As I stated before, in Book one there were a couple people with the last name Townsend. Also in Saving CHloe, we meet Gibson, Parker's best friend since forever and a day and when you are introduced to him in book one of this series, his name is Gibson Nichols. Yet, in book two he is identified as Gibb Townsend. THAT in and of itself almost made me stop reading.. But since I knew it was a short read and I hate to stop reading if I don't absolutely have to, I continued on. In Saving Chloe, Parker reveals that when he was about six years old that his mother left him, his father, and his little brother and then his father turned to alcoholism to cope with the separation. The inconsistencies continued from the first book into the next because in Parler's Past, his story is that his mother packed up him and his little brother Jax and that his mother left. The author should have gotten a better editor or at least remembered what she wrote from one book to another because this is very confusing.
Then later on at around 35% in to the book, there's a sexy office scene. The previous night, Parker had a one night stand(hook-up) with a woman named Emma. The next morning he goes in to work as usual and is mentally being swooned by Emma and thinking about giving up his heartless campaign for mindless sex when he is ambushed by Elizabeth(a past hook-up) who intends on seducing Parker right there in his office. Parker's mind is otherwise occupied while she is attempting to turn Parker on. The line in the book is as quoted::

"I remember Elizabeth liked rough sex. I'm okay with that; I don't do gentle. There was only one person I'd done gentle with and that was when I slept with Emma last night. Why am I thinking about Cassie when I have a beautiful woman standing in front of me right now?"

Now maybe it's just me, but that's not the same name... Even with that mis-step, I continued to read, but alas, 2% later the author can't decide whether she's writing in the first or third point of view with this quote directly from the book...

"I place my hands on the wall on either side of her body, caging her in and closing the space only mere inches from her face. "You need to leave now. Don't come back. Don't call. Do you understand the rules now?" He expected a scene, crying, clawing, kicking even, but was surprised when Elizabeth stood straight and squared her shoulders, and then slapped me across the jaw.
"You Bastard!" She yells in my face, before she grabs her clothes and walks out of my office stark naked. Thank God it's lunch time."

I read the entire rest of this book and although it was short, it just confused me more about the story that was actually going on (or supposed to be going on) in the storyline here...
I hate that I have to do this, but with all the errors there were just too many issues for me to be able to rate this book high.. I had hopes that this book would be at least a little better than the first book, however, it wasn't really...

I give this book 1 out of 5 shields!

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