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BLOG TOUR: Bloodgifted by Tima Maria Lacoba SPOTLIGHT+GIVEAWAY

What’s a girl to do when she learns she’s descended from a vampire? Being unable to age is only the beginning…

Laura Dantonville is a Primary school teacher with one wish—to marry her boyfriend, Detective Matt Sommers. When her aunt Judy reveals a frightening family secret that explains her rare genetic mutation, it threatens to propel her into a dark underworld where her true family waits.
Laura’s future with Matt hangs in the balance.

Alec Munro never wanted to become guardian to a Dantonville regardless that her blood is coveted by his vampire-kind. But his sire, Lucien Lebrettan, gave him no choice. Now he’s faced with not only protecting the girl, but fathering a child with her in order to end his servitude—and a centuries-old curse.

… which some among his kind will do anything to prevent.

Chapter 4

Meeting a Vampire


Christmas was only two weeks away and the streets thronged with eager shoppers. My
aunt dropped me off in the large open court in front of St Andrews Cathedral, a popular
meeting point in the city.
‘Aren’t you coming in with me?’
‘No dear,’ she hesitated. ‘I can’t. This is now between you and Alec. It might be
awkward my sitting there and listening.’
‘For you or for him?’
‘For you, dear. There are some personal details the two of you will be discussing. You
wouldn’t want me there.’ Aunt Judy patted my hand. ‘Go in, dear. He’s waiting.’
I took a deep breath and opened the car door.
‘Laura dear,’ she said just before I stepped out. ‘You have absolutely nothing to fear.
Alec is here to protect you.’
A vampire is going to protect me from other vampires. Great!
I made my way through the crowds to the main entrance of the cathedral. Before
leaving I’d asked Matt if he could pick me up after the Cricket. I’d told him Aunt Judy
wanted me to meet an old friend, saying she was happy to brave the traffic.
It was the least she could do, I thought.
Matt was fine with that arrangement. Besides, he didn’t want to miss the match.
Apparently, he and Dad had a bet going. But really, how could I possibly repeat what I’d
just learnt from my aunt? I was still grappling with it all myself.
I pushed open the heavy glass doors and stepped into the cool, dark recess. The scent
of old polished wood rose from the rows of pews stretching the length of the nave. To
my left, a well-worn stone-paved path led past them and through the length of the
interior, while a shallow ramp on my right disappeared into a semi-concealed alcove
ringed with high-backed wooden chairs.
Which way? If in doubt, follow the yellow-brick road, I thought. Turning left I followed the
stone-path down the aisle. What on earth am I doing here? I asked myself. Meeting a vampire,
came the daft answer.
‘He will find you,’ my aunt had said. Right now, I didn’t know if I wanted to be
found! The truth is, I was nervous and even a little afraid searching for an unnatural
creature in a gothic building. How appropriate. All I need is for the cathedral organ to start playing creepy music!
At least I wasn’t totally alone. Here and there a few people milled around, even
though most were outside grabbing that last minute Christmas bargain as shopping hours
had been extended. It was only about nine p.m. In the balcony at the end of the nave a
choir was rehearsing The Messiah. I’m sure they’d hear me scream if this Alec Munro
proved less benign than the impression my aunt gave. Why didn’t I bring Matt? I should
have simply ignored her warning and dragged him along anyway.
I followed the stone-path to the back entrance, around the massive sandstone
baptismal font and up the other side. Every now and then the Choir Master stopped the
singers mid-note for a correction before continuing their rehearsal. Three Christmas
trees, bedecked with massive gold bows, had been positioned on either side of the
communion table, while an impressive green wreath hung from the edge of the elevated
I realized that the stone path I’d followed led to the small chair-lined alcove I’d
originally noticed on entering. It was separated from the aisle by an ornately carved
wooden partition, and there, leaning nonchalantly against the narrow opening, arms
crossed over his chest stood a tall, broad-shouldered, impossibly good-looking man with
hair the colour of a raven’s wing.
My feet stopped mid-stride as my eyes drank in this strikingly imposing figure who so
dominated the space around him, that I wondered how I could not have seen him
earlier? Nor the way his piercing lavender eyes gazed back at me, demanding my
I sucked in a breath, not just for the affect he had on me, but that he was the visual
confirmation of my aunt’s words even if he didn’t fit my image of a vampire. But then I
really didn’t know what to expect – black cape, nasty protruding fangs, glowing red eyes
and as pale as death perhaps? The man before me belied those preconceptions, and no
vampire I saw in the movies ever looked that good in cream silk business shirt and slate
grey trousers, which hung seductively low on his lean hips. His sleeves were rolled up at
the elbows and the top button of his shirt left undone allowing his tie to hang loose.
I swallowed. Was this the blood-sucking creature whose bite left those marks on my
aunt’s wrist? No wonder she’d said I wouldn’t mind!
He smiled and softly called my name. ‘Laura.’
Hi, I’m Tima Maria, and I write vampire books, but not just any vamp books – mine are Roman soldiers cursed by a Pictish witch in the 3rd century.
So, how did I start this series? In a previous life (before I started writing) I was a practicing archaeologist and historian, specializing in Roman Britain. Later, I took up high school teaching, as It gave me the opportunity to take my students on overseas excursions to visit the amazing archaeological sites they’d only seen in books.
Then one day, I surrendered to the itch of writing. After many years reading and correcting my students’ creative writing tasks and essays, I decided it was time to write my own. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.
Bloodgifted is the result.
In 2011, it was shortlisted in the Atlas Award – sponsored by a boutique Brisbane publisher – and eventually came fourth.
In 2012, it was listed among the top ten in the Choclit, Search for an Aussie Star Competition.
In 2013, I was offered a publishing contract, but declined in favour of going indie. I liked the idea of being in charge of my own creation.
Bloodgifted is just the start of a three part series I’ve entitled, The Dantonville Legacy. Later, I intend writing individual books on the other characters in the series, for they all have their own story.

Currently, I live on the Central Coast, an hour’s drive north of Sydney, surrounded by wooded hills, possums and seed-dropping rosellas. Between bouts of writing, I teach English and History, enjoy long walks while dodging the nesting magpies and plot the next series of books I’d like to write.

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