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The Worst Dilemma
By Muhammed Sokhna

Genre: Erotic Romance/Erotica
Publisher: World Entanglement Publications LLC
ISBN: 9780991202706
Number of pages: 113
Word Count: About 33,000
Cover Artist: Ronnell D Porter

Book Description:

The spark of all dilemmas is lies and deception

 “Sometimes a man cannot fulfill what you need, especially a woman of your caliber, Channie.”- Ashley Leslie

Chantrelle Hayfield isn’t exactly content with her life. Yes, she has a house in one of the most lavish country clubs in Georgia, her car is paid off, and she has the multiple tattoo parlors around the city of Atlanta which provided her financial independence. Yet at the tender age of 22, Chantrelle knew something was missing. That something was a significant other.

Why flaunt your material possessions if you have no one to share them with? This is the question Chantrelle ponders on a daily basis, until her best friend, Ashley Leslie, decides to challenge her by taking their friendship to the next level.

Ashley Leslie has always been head over heels for Chantrelle. She’s smart, beautiful, and humble. What man, or woman, wouldn’t love her? It’s hard for Ashley to keep her feelings concealed from Chantrelle. After all, she was the first woman to ever lay in bed with her in college. It’s a feeling that Ashley yearns for again not because of the orgasmic stimulation but for the union the two shared. It was something she couldn’t see herself living without.

Ashley continues to press about elevating their relationship only to have Chantrelle avert from the situation, leaving Ashley feeling like an invaluable option. Little does Ashley know, she is an option but she has competition.

He is Rasheed Goodmen, Chantrelle’s neighbor. Rasheed’s first encounter with Chantrelle wasn’t exactly welcoming, but there was something about her that attracted him instantly. She’s beautiful, athletic, and mysterious. How can Rasheed not be attracted to her, let alone not pursue her?

The two promising prospects pop into Chantrelle’s love life making her dig deeper inside the trenches of her feelings. Even though Ashley is capable of loving her in ways most men can’t comprehend, can she really be with a woman? To add more onto her plate, a new man has appeared in her life in pursuit for her. Will she choose to her best friend or open a new door with Rasheed?

She’s pushed into an unsolvable dilemma but she has to find an answer quick because the deeper the involvement goes the more likely someone will end up with a broken heart.

For her sake, she hopes it’s not…….
Chapter 1 Preview

The night is at its darkest in the suburban area of Gwinnett County when the residents of the Sugarloaf Country Club retire for the night. The Casper-white moon light radiates brazenly, polishing the streets. The crickets begin to creak and mingle, while the waft of the earth's musk flows into the nostrils of Chantrelle Hayfield.
The young 22-year-old tattoo artist and entrepreneur loves to put on her white and purple striped pumas, black puma tights, and white sports bra and jog through the streets. The streets serve as a sanctuary. With every step, a jolt of lightning surges through her, releasing the frustrations of the day. There is no need for music. The thumping of her feet hitting the ground serves as the perfect accompaniment to Mozart. Her strides stay consistent until she reaches her mailbox.
"Let's see what we have here?" she says softly to herself. She shuffles through her mail and discovers it's all junk mail. She was hoping for another check, but it's no big deal. Besides, it's not good to be money hungry all the time. Chantrelle knows this all too well. She owns several booming tattoo shops, has written several books about tattooing, and is a freelance model. Her days are never dull, but they are always full, leaving little time for herself.
She walks steadily toward her doorstep and discovers an unknown vehicle in her driveway.
"Who car is this?" she asks.
It's not uncommon for an unknown car to be in her driveway. Her neighbor has a bad habit of getting drunk and parking at the wrong house. When you work sixteen hours a day at a law firm and just recently got a divorce, alcohol can easily become your new mistress. She shrugs it off, steps in front of her door, inserts the keys, and opens it.
"Drew! I'm home." Chantrelle announces. "I had such a good workout just now." No reply. Strange, Drew is always eager to see his baby come home, but today, it seems that only the television is awaiting her arrival.
"This is a little strange." Chantrelle wanders into the living room to see open pizza boxes, a running kitchen faucet, and open bottles of Hennessey. Just what the hell happened after Chantrelle left for her one-hour run?
She finds strands of blonde hair all over her leather couch. This is highly upsetting for Chantrelle. She gathers all the hair and proceeds to the kitchen, slamming the hair in the garbage before going to the sink to wash her hands. As she scrubs the vermin off her hands, she can't stop a barrage of curse words from flying out of her mouth.
With clean hands, she lets out a deep sigh of relief. In her peripheral vision, something added more suspense to this mystery. There are three wine glasses. One is half filled and the other two are empty, with a pink lipstick residue. Chantrelle lifts the glass of wine and nods her head in disapproval.
She lifts the other glass with the pink lipstick and examines it.
"I can't believe this shit!" Chantrelle shouts out loud. Her mighty hand crushes the champagne
glasses into shards like a gemstone being drilled into finer fragments. Her hands drip with balefire-red
blood as she opens the sink cabinet to arm herself with her trusted 9 mm. She cocks the chamber back
and marches toward the bedroom. But just a few feet down, all the might within her to advance any
further is sapped. Her steps change from loud and determined to a discreet muffle.
The murmuring activity in her bedroom isn't making Chantrelle exactly comfortable. In fact, it's
only adding to her anxiousness. She continues to creep toward the bedroom door and notices it's
cracked open. She peeps inside. The lights are dim--bright enough to see inside, but dark enough only to
show silhouettes. The humidity of the room punches Chantrelle in the face along with the full-bodied
aroma of another woman's sex and sweat. Even though she is armed, her hands tremble as she
witnesses her boyfriend of four months with two unknown women in her own bed. Her eyelids bear the
weight of a battered soldier, shutting them is the only way to block this reality and her tears.
The noises the women make with Drew are similar to the ones Chantrelle makes with him, but
they were more lustful. It's sickening to know that the love she was trying to forge with this man is now
tainted. Unwillingly, she slowly opens her heavy eyes and grasps her lover's betrayal.
Drew and his two companions find themselves entangled in the threads of ecstasy. His dark
skinned lover enjoys riding his shaft as she slowly coils her hips onto him. His Asian persuasion girl
watches alongside and nibbles his rigid nipples. They continue to deepen themselves into the webs of
their lustful threesome, until a series of bullets are shot into the ceiling. That put a stop to the orgy; the
girls scatter off the bed, grabbing a few articles of their clothing to cover themselves. Drew is taken
aback when he looks into Chantrelle's once soft, now hard, arctic eyes.

"Baby," Drew extending his hands toward Chantrelle, attempting to explain. "This isn't what you thi--."

Throughout Mr. Sokhna life, he searched for a purpose. At the age of eighteen, he went through some tough times. His girlfriend left him, his finances were not where they needed to be, his family was struggling to make ends meet, he lost his Hope scholarship, and was desperately trying to find out what was his purpose here on earth. The depression within him started to build and lead to an attempt of suicide.

With the love and support of his family and close friends, he slowly climbed back on his feet, but there was still one remaining problem. He still didn’t know what his purpose was, until he had a vision.

Something within him told him to write down his story. There was resistance, but he followed the hunch. Five thousand words turn into ten thousand. Then ten turned into twenty thousand. Then all of a sudden, twenty thousand words turned into over forty thousand words. He recognized that he found his true passion. It was something that will challenge him. It was something he was yearning for all his life. It was something he could call “his own” and that something was writing.

Mr. Sokhna purpose is to ignite the creativity within people and help them realize that life is much more than what meets the eye. He wants his readers to know that all that we ever done and all we will ever do in this world is just the tip of this iceberg of what could have been done in this life.

The Worst Dilemma Series is one of the three ways he likes to channel his talent to the world. Being able to create erotic content that makes people blush is not only pleasing to him, but it makes him more humble to evolve the craft of literature. Mr.Sokhna will continue to strive to bring more enticing content through The Worst Dilemma Series. A series that will shed light on some of the toughest situations people go through in life. With the added bonus of erotic content.

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