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BLOG TOUR STOP: Winter Night Falling by Bryan R South DOUBLE GIVEAWAY/REVIEW

Winter Night Falling 

by Bryan R. South
 Release Date: July 19, 2013
Science Fiction & Fantasy

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The Four Kingdoms are in peril. A demon Lord thought forever imprisoned in limbo has escaped and begins to summon his Horde once again to take his revenge. In his twisted black iron tower he summons a massive wall of darkness that brings the winter storms in the fullest. 

 Now the Four Kingdoms are each proud and full of itself.  All the races of the realms must come together and fight the demon lord once again. Magic has been outlawed, and it is up to the reawakened Grand Mage, an eccentric old man, and what is left of the Mage Knights, as well as a budding Guardian to try to keep the peace.

Can the Grand Mage and his friends get the other kingdoms to move in time to stop the Demon Lord? Does the Demon Lord have more than one objective now that he is free? Only time will tell.

Can you share with us your typical writing day. Is there anything you have to have while writing?

I like music to be playing in the back ground for the most part... Usually something mellow.

What is the most challenging or rewarding part of writing?

I have found that the completion of each work is the most satisfying thus far.

Can you please tell us about your latest book, what was your favorite part?

My latest book Winter Night Falling is the only work I have published. I could tell you about my favorite part but at the same time I don’t wanna ruin the story for those who haven’t read it yet.

How did you come with the idea for this story?

It has been a work in progress since 1998. I started a story because I was bored and didn’t have anything else to do. I then adapted the world in said story into a tabletop roleplaying world I gamed in and the rest just kind of flowed into place.

Can you share with us your current work in progress?

My current work in Progress is Spring Dawn Rising... the sequel to the first book.

Who are some of your favorite authors (Besides your wife, of course)?

Terry Brooks and Terry Goodkind... though my ultimate favorite is Raymond E Feist

Do you feel that any of your favorite authors have inspired your writing style?

A little...... Ray Feist and I used the same concept in a way... He adapted his book to recollect adventures he had in tabletop roleplaying as well.

Open your book to a random page and please reads us a few lines.

     J’Lann stood and drew his sword, starting an incantation before running into the compound. The blast of a Fireball launched skyward to pierce the back of the nearest Drakee and reduced it to ash.  From the tunnel entrance a blast of Earth blew outward and Tomas emerged from the dust at the cave entrance.  He raised his hands and a blast of Guardian’s Fire tore into the four Shadar-Kai. The remaining untouched Shadar-Kai stepped into the shadows and disappeared from view.  Tomas had incinerated three of them to ash. J’Lann ran towards his position and screamed as the remaining Shadar-Kai stepped out of the shadows behind Tomas. ”Behind you!”

What is in your To Read Pile that you are dying to start or upcoming release you can’t wait for?

Magician’s End   By Raymond E. Fiest...  It will be the last book he writes in his world of Midkemia... the previous 23 book were amazing and I am dying to see how he ends the series!!

Bryan, it has been great to pick your brain and learn a little more. Before you go, is there anything else you want to leave your fans with?

I am also working on the next trilogy in the Chronicles of Ti-ara series which takes place twenty years after the 1st two books and in an another kingdom. Only two of the characters from the first two books will be in the next series. I will leave it your curious mind to figure out which ones =) 

This is a great book, I had a wonderful time reading the interactions between the characters.
If you are into classic fantasy including demons, elves, mage, and of course warriors then you won't be disappointed with this read. All of the characters, their dynamics and their relationships with one another kept me wanting more. I liked all the characters on the side of good and the evil side really made it an interesting story. There was just enough plot twists and turns to keep me intrigued without becoming like a roller coaster ride. This was more than just a classic good versus evil and will pull you in from page one

I give this book a solid 4 Shields!!


Dramatis Personae

Orindyll Ravenslock – Arch mage of the First Order, Acting Grand Mage of the Orders of Five, Earl of Raven’s Bluff
J’Lann Silverhand-- Mage-Knight; First Sword of the 2nd Order, Later Preceptor (commanding officer) of the Mage-Knights.
Joran Silverhand—Mage-Knight; 3rd Order
Tomas Silverhand-- First thought to be a magus of the First Order; he is later discovered to be the Last of the Guardians, as well as a Divine Agent of Adara the Lost. Goddess of Knowledge, Nature, and Magic.
Count Evan Dupont-- Count of the Township of North Keep
Zatchion D’Orsk— Arch Magus of the 2nd Order.  Great Grandson of Orindyll Ravenslock. Baron of Caer Percivor.
Sarah D’Orsk -- Arch Magus of the 3rd Order. Great Granddaughter of Orindyll Ravenslock.
Sirenthial Silverbranch -- Arch Magus of the 4th Order. Heir to the Elven Throne of Erinor. Chronicler of the Orders of Five.
Chase Summers – Mage-Knight of the First Order, Traitor
Gregory Pecorian – Mage-Knight of the 2nd Order; Sergeant
Aileen Mistwinter—an Elven Hunter of Erinor; Twin of Tariel
Tariel Mistwinter – An Elven Hunter of Erinor; Twin of Aileen
Duke Echias of High Point – Duke of the City of High Point.
Captain Rancos – Captain of the Black Watch of High Point
Jack – Arch Mage of the 5th order. From Tiramon
Haicho – A portly Journeyman Mage of the 5th Order from North Keep
Kelvin – Former Grand Mage of the Orders of Five; Arch Mage of the First Order, King of Tiramon
Arrowthorn— Ranger of Tiramon, Heir to the Throne of Tiramon. Kelvin’s son
Alindryia Silverbranch—Queen of the Elven Kingdom of Erinor. Priestess of Adara. Mother of Sirenthial
Korinthial Silverbranch—Son of Sirenthial, Heir Presumptive of the Elven Kingdom of Erinor. Blade-Weaver.
Sebastion Thr’ask— Mage-Knight of the 4th Order. First Sword.
Orion Brighthammer— Mage-Knight of the 3rd Order. First Sword
Erik Joruss— Heir to the throne of the High Kingdom of Pendys
General Tapi— General of the Armies of Tiramon
Tir’alac— Shadar-Hai War-Leader.
Balin Ironfist— Dwarven KingsGuard. The maker of Joran’s Broadsword (though both do not seem to mention it in the story) Brother to Borodor
Borodor Ironfist— Dwarven KingsGuard. Brother to Balin.
Lee Featherhand— Mage-Knight of the 2nd Order
Charles Stormcloak— Mage-Knight of the 5th Order
Brother Bradley— A powerful Priest of Galaen the Just. God of Justice
Akbar— Dwarven Journeymen  Mage of the 2nd Order
Ermina— a Sylph bound to Joran’s Sword
Jarrack—A powerful Corrupted Portal Master of Limbo.
Cassandra— Lady of the Oak Glade, Guardian
Nysander – Shade of the Great Guardian of Erinor . Cassandra’s Grandfather.
Tyramononix—The Very First Guardian of the Four Kingdoms, Soul is bound to a Golden Torc Tomas wears

Bryan R South was born and Raised in the Pacific Northwest. He Graduated Kamiakin High-school in 1993. Bryan has had several poems published and has been working on the Rise of the Guardians Series since he was 16, and did his senior year paper on being a fantasy novelist.   He has worked as a Line-cook, in construction, and other odd jobs.
He resides with his wife and fellow author, S. Cu’Anam Policar, and their children in the Pacific Northwest still.

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