Tuesday, July 23, 2013

De La Cruz Saga Quadruplets with Author P.T. Macias Event Schedule

Our evening will begin with an introduction from the author of the De La Cruz Saga, P.T. Macias! We want you to feel at home there, so kick off your shoes, grab a drink and relax as we guide you through an amazing four hour event with four AMAZING hostesses and some FUN games with GREAT prizes!!

Each hostess will have a variety of prizes and games guaranteed to have you clicking and having fun the entire time! Hostesses will each get a 1(one) hour block of time to entertain you before they hand the floor over to the next hostess for your continued enjoyment!

Our first Hostess of the evening will be our own Jenny Bynum! Many of you may know her from hosting events for Rue Volley and MANY other superb authors!

Jenny will kick off our night playing a few scavenger hunts! As you all know and love her outrageous and sexy hunts, she will not disappoint this time around either! Now… We could tell you exactly what she has in store…….

BUT…. Where’s the fun in that!??!  

Jenny’s Schedule:

Game 1: Profile Pic Task

Prize: eBook Between (Book 2: Crossroads Saga) by 
Mary Ting

Game 2: Picture Scavenger Hunt
Prize: eBook Double Shift on Christmas Eve by Storm Savage

Game 3: Picture Scavenger Hunt
Prize: eBook This I Promise You by Tressa Messenger

Game 4: Song Scavenger Hunt
Prize: eBook Precious Embrace by Dana Mason

Game 5: Picture Scavenger Hunt
Prize: **TO BE ANNOUNCED**  (donation from Rue Volley)

After Jenny gives you all a few moments to cool off from her amazing games and sexy HAWT prizes… She will be handing the floor over to the Manager of P.T. Macias’ Street Team Rose Marie!

Rose Marie is a very dedicated street team manager for many authors and still finds the time to run a blog AND read!! Talk about amazing!!!

Rose will be taking you all on a different sort of adventure of sorts… Her games will be different, but oh so Exciting!!

Rose’s Schedule:

Game 1: Guess the Book CoverPrize: eBook The Imposter by Tiffany Carmouche

Game 2: Rock Paper Scissors
Prize: eBook Ominous Love by Patricia Puddle

Game 3: BOOKGOPrize: eBook Voices by Irene Kueh

Game 4: P.T. Macias Get-To-Know/Trivia
Prize: (2 WINNERS!!) eBook White’s Night #1 by Ashen White

Rose will be wrapping things up and giving you all a moment to refill any drinks or excusing yourselves to the powder room to freshen up, and she will be bringing in Bridgette Ann Bandell!

Bridgette is also a member of many street teams, a blogger, and in her spare time (when she’s not reading, blogging, and spreading the news about her amazingly favorite authors…) she likes making handmade jewelry and is an awesome graphic arts designer! In fact, SHE made ALL the graphics for this event!

Bridgette’s Schedule:

Game 1: This or That
Prize: **TO BE ANNOUNCED AT EVENT** (Donated by Melissa Wright)

Game 2: Unscramble the Book Title
Prize: eBook Prince of Desire by New York Times Best-Selling Author Donna Grant

Game 3: Guess the Book Cover
Prize: **TO BE ANNOUNCED AT EVENT** (Donated by Melissa Wright)

Game 4: WORDGO

Prize: Picture Perfect by Leslie C. Ferdinand

After Bridgette finishes heating up your blood and getting you all riled up, she will be handing the floor over to the
manager and Editor of P.T. Macias, Marsha Thomas Berg!

Marsha is a very talented and fun-loving woman who loves being the first one to read all of P.T.’s books!! She has got QUITE the set of games for the evening for you all!!

Marsha’s Schedule:

Game 1: Caption This
Prize: Tangled Up In Trouble by Olivia Hardin

Game 2: Review Scavenger Hunt
Prize: (3 WINNERS!) White’s Night #1 by Ashen White 

Game 3: Unscramble the Book Title
Prize: Watch Me Walk Away by Jill Prand

Game 4: Words FindPrize: Wicked Allure by Leslie C. Ferdinand

Marsha will wrap up her games with a final salut’ and hand the spotlight back to our beloved author of the evening P.T.Macias!

P.T. Has a very special SURPRISE GUEST for you all to meet and you are guaranteed to love her as much as you adore the sweet and sexy P.T. Macias!

Our Special Guest will be announcing the winners of our PINTEREST GRAND PRIZE CONTESTS!!

We all look forward to seeing you there! Invite a friend! Invite 3! The more the merrier!! Come on over and help us celebrate the release of the newest addition to the De La Cruz Saga!!!

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