Thursday, February 15, 2018

REVIEW: Unmasked (Naughty Ever After Fairy Tales #2) by Trista Jaszczak

Title: Unmasked: Naughty Ever After #2
Author: Trista Jaszczak
Genre: Twisted Fairytale / Erotic Romance 
Release Date: February 14, 2018

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life...

In Blair's case it just so happens to be a pair of $8,000.00 shoes. When she's given the chance to go to a masked ball to celebrate the rock band, the Huntsmen's latest album release her two fairy godfathers flip her life upside down. She doesn't believe that it could ever end in a one night stand with a rock star...and a lost $8,000.00 shoe...but it does. All Blair can think about is the mess she's gotten herself into and all prince of rock Hunter can think of is finding the woman he spent a night with, even though his only lead is a single, red-bottomed shoe.

First off.... OH MY GAWD!!!!
I loved this book almost more than I adored Red (Naughty Ever After Fairy Tales #1)! We start off with Blair... she's not plain or anything but she seems to think she is... She reminds me of myself actually....

She is running late, stopping to grab coffee for everyone at work on her way in trying to beat her boss in... Blair works for "The Ice Queen" and boy does she earn that title!

I read Little Red and while that book took me a while to get the hang on the ever changing POV, this book was much easier as every time there was a POV change, the chapter changed as well... so it was much easier to get used to...

Hunter (Herein called Derek as that is his real name...) is such a gentleman!! When he and Blair meet, they are at a masked ball to celebrate the debut of his newest album.... (That’s right... he's a freaking rock star!!) They danced forever and then ended up going back to his place...

Here he is as I said before... a perfect gentleman... Great host and they fall asleep together (no... they didn't do anything... as I said before... gentleman lol) But seeing as Blair's clothing and accessories for the ball were borrowed from "The Ice Queen"... when she woke up, she was in a hurry to leave... (Well, that and her "plain Jane" view of herself... So she snuck out... And in true Cinderella fashion.... left behind a shoe... ;)

Derek's devotion is OMG One of a Kind!! Tracking her down no matter what and WOW was all I could say QUITE a few times when Derek proceeded to go all out and be so eloquently"Prince Charming" with her. 

The hurdles of publicity and The Ice Queen's neon trolls (When you read this you will understand...), {btw... so wanted to beat the ever loving out of those two..!!} Christian and Anthony.... TOTALLY need them in my life!! They are amazing and perfect friends!!

As Self-Proclaimed... Blair's... "Fairy God-Fathers" *giggles*
They were such a great support system!! I loved it!!
My Favorite Part??

I Abso-Mute-Ly adored this book even though I was sad to see it end.. I look forward to reading the next edition of Trista Jaszczak's Naughty Ever After Fairy Tales and see what she pulls out of her hat next!!!!

I give this book 5 shields!!

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