Monday, February 12, 2018


Title: Hungry

By: Kenya Wright
Publication Date: December 15, 2017
Genre: Inspirational Poetry

A provocative meditation on poverty, art, sex, and God. 

Hungry is a collection of poetry and prose about a struggling writer's battle with poverty and motherhood, her exploration of lust in this digital dating age, and her quest to end soul starvation.

Dear Reader

This is my journey through words

when the screams and fighting

wasn’t enough

I wrote this

when he broke my heart

I wrote this

when I couldn’t pay my bills

I wrote this high as hell

I wrote this

when we had no place to sleep

and nothing to eat

I wrote this

when I couldn’t say

the words out loud

I wrote this

for you

to learn

from my mistakes

and make new ones

And so

this journal

these entries

these moments and poems

should be free

because I can’t sell you my heart

That’s what you’re getting

when you read this book


this book

is also

about the grind

The struggle

There’s no skating in this book

There’s no quick win in this book

Just a sista ready to die for words

Ready to hurt

Ready to starve

Ready to cry

Ready to sacrifice it all

Ready to go broke

Go hungry

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Kenya Wright wrote her first novel during her third year at UM Law school. She dropped out a month after the release and never looked back.
Words are power,

and Kenya wants to be the greatest wizard that ever lived.

It's an audacity to inspire

and teach the healing of love through arousal.

It's this crazy idea that love

can not only help a reader escape,

but the story can also teach the person

about being human,

while making them laugh,


and hot for more sex.

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