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REVIEW: Ruby Slippers: Fairy Tales My Mother Told Me. Real Life Truths I Never Told Her by Michelle Davis-Newell

Ruby Slippers: Fairy Tales My Mother Told Me. Real Life Truths I Never Told Her
Michelle Davis-Newell

Genre:  AutoBiography

Release Date: May 13, 2013

Available Here:


Ruby Slippers is a personal journey through painful and sometimes embarrassing moments in my life as I sought to uncover the root to all of the drama and dysfunction I once found myself in. I wrote the book to inspire and encourage young ladies and women who find themselves in abusive cycles that they can bring themselves out of any situation, no matter how bad it is. It's all about determination, and the willingness to take a deep look within and address our own demons. It's also about taking personal responsibility for our own happiness and removing the stain of shame and guilt that taints our self esteem, leaving us to doubt our own worth.  
Ruby Slippers encourages, inspires, and challenges you to find out: 
What's your happily ever after?

The author did a very good job of painting a mental picture of how being brought up in an undesirable environment and rising to the top through everything she had been through in her life. It was nice to have an author share their experience and how they handled certain circumstances. Though some decisions may not have been the correct way to handle the situation, the author did a great job of showing how she grew from her experiences and learned lessons as she came up. It was a great way to pass the knowledge that she had gained on to others that might be going through similar struggles. I would recommend this book to anyone going through hard times and unable to figure out what to do or how to handle certain things so that they might be able to learn from the knowledge passed on by this author in Ruby Slippers. It was very apparent that this author has written this book in a way that she could share her wisdom and I personally think she did a great job in doing so!

I give this book 5 Shields!

Michelle Newell was born Michelle Davis in Chicago, Illinois and was raised on the south side of the city. As a child, Michelle was shy and withdrawn, a direct result of being bullied and teased by classmates in school. This forced isolation fed her creative side, and her love for reading prompted her to experiment in writing. At the age of ten, she wrote BY HAND, a thirty page novel, which she promptly folded and stuffed in an envelope and mailed it to Harlequin Romance, along with a letter explaining how she wanted to be an author so that she could take her mother out of poverty. She was thrilled when they wrote back. Although it was a rejection letter, she was ecstatic that they had even responded. 
In school Michelle excelled academically. In high school she earned a spot in the Principal's Scholars Program, and was subsequently inducted into the National Honor's Society in her junior year. She was a candidate on Know Your Heritage where her team placed third. She successfully completed in academic Olympics, spelling bees, and a high school Mock Trial. She held on to her passion for writing, often writing short stories that were passed around by the students who fell in love with them, always asking for more.
Despite all of these personal accomplishments, Michelle's life at home took a dangerous turn. She found herself repeating many of the same dysfunctional cycles she had witnessed growing up. By the time she was 21, she had given birth to three children and was on welfare. But there was something in her that would not allow herself to fall victim of her circumstances. She pushed herself to do better, always challenging any complacency that held her in place until she pulled herself from the welfare rolls and gained economic self-sufficiency.

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