Friday, November 1, 2013

BLOG TOUR: The Prodigal by Michael C. Hurley REVIEW+GIVEAWAY

Pride, betrayal, forgiveness . . . and the eternal sea. The Prodigal tellsthe mystical tale of four people on Ocracoke Island whose destiny is tied to an abandoned schooner, thought to have been lost at sea more than a century ago, that one day drifts ashore. Marcus O’Reilly, a renegade Catholic priest, must confront his inner demons. Ibrahim Joseph, a Bahamian fugitive, must face his past. Aidan Sharpe, a fallen lawyer, struggles with self-doubt and his growing affection for Molly McGregor, a fearless towboat captain who cannot find the courage to love. They will all be drawn into a 2,000-year-old mystery that unfolds with the reappearance of the ship.
This book was given to me as a paperback in exchange for an honest review.
It took me a while to get into this book and even though I was going through paranormal withdrawl, I still persevered and restarted the book to see if I was able to get into it a second go ‘round… This book CAN be hard to follow because the plot jumps all over the place seemingly… The Prodigal, a ship disappears… taken in 1851 by a gypsy and her lover.
Jumping into the future (present day) Aidan Sharpe (A lawyer) decides to go on a vacation, quickly finding himself by himself, naked on a beach a couple miles from his cottage with no memory of how he got there…  He meets a woman who clothes him and gives him a ride back to his cottage.
Adrian then goes back to work and ends up making a HUGE ERROR resulting in him losing his law license.
Eventually The Prodigal is found vacant and floating adrift… I am not going to give any more details but to say that if you can find yourself able to get into this book…. Then you will have a great journey… If not, then don’t give up… simply put it down and retry later on when your mind isn’t so much on a tizzy..

I give this book 4 out of 5 shields!!
Michael Hurley and his wife Susan live in Raleigh, North Carolina. Born in Baltimore in 1958, he studied English at the University of Maryland and law at St. Louis University. Michael’s first book, Letters from the Woods, was a collection of essays, self-published in 2005, based on wilderness canoeing expeditions with his children. It was selected as a finalist in the Nature category for ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year award. In 2013 Hachette Book Group published his memoir, Once Upon A Gypsy Moon, under their Center Street imprint. The Prodigal is his first novel.

Terms and Conditions for Motel Getaway Prize
1. Motel prize is based on two person double occupancy at Bluff Shoals Motel, Ocracoke, North Carolina, at maximum rate of $75 per room per night for a two-night stay between November 1, 2013 and March 15, 2014.
2. Motel prize applies to the standard room rate and tax for two nights, including tax.  All other charges are the sole responsibility of winner.
3. Winner is responsible for contacting the motel to reserve accommodations.  Prize subject to room availability.
4. Cash prize of $25 in spending money for the trip.
5. Motel prize not redeemable for cash.
6. Airfare and travel expenses are not provided.

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