So just so you all know, I hate having open topics to write about for blogs. I was given this one a few minutes ago and other than the book I’m currently working on, only two things come to mind to write about. One, is why I hate winter and the second is why I write. So I chose to tell you all why I hate winter.
It is actually several reasons but many of them overlap. First on the list is, when you get cold it’s hard to get warm. I can always shed clothes or jump in water somewhere to cool off or even drink something really cold. But when I get cold it takes hours to warm up.
Second, I have to work outside in the elements and I’d rather sweat any day then shiver. The sweat helps to cool me off anyway. Third, I love being outside, even though I can’t spend a lot of time outside without risking being put in the hospital. Even though I apply SPF 100 all the time.
Fourth, with my illness, cold weather makes me hurt so much more. Fifth, where I live in Texas winter usually means lots of rain and I hate driving in the rain. I hydroplaned once years ago and that fear shows its face when I have to drive in the rain.
To sum all it up I don’t like cold, wet weather because it’s not warm and dry. LOL, that’s why I live in Texas where we usually only have winter for a few weeks other than that we have hot, hotter and hotter than hell weather most of the time.
Hope I made you smile at least once.