Saturday, February 16, 2013

REVIEW: Highland Nights by Donna Grant

Highland Nights is the second book in Donna Grant's, six-part  Druids Glen Series. This one is about middle sister, Fiona, and the man who is sent to bring her to Druids Glen, Gregor Maclachlan(The mercenary for hire). The story picks up Exactly where the previous one ended with a quick recap from their past(The night of the killing of the Sinclair Parents only this time from Fiona's point of view with Frang giving her to Cormag MacDougal for protection). Fiona has trained over the past 18 years in her druid ways and has become quite good at her abilities. She knows that she has a very important part in the prophecy and knows her destiny. She has no idea whether her baby sister Glenna survived the horrific event at their childhood home until Gregor MacLachlan, a stranger sent by Frang (and Moira who Fiona thought had abandoned her and held a large amount of resentment towards throughout a huge part of this book) to retrieve Fiona and safely take her back to the druids glen. There Fiona needs to carry out the prophecy with her sisters Glenna and Moira.
On a side note, I LOVED that Donna made Fiona more shapely than the frail size 2's that are in every novel in history I have laid my eyes upon. Anywho.. back to the book lol 
Fiona being brought to the Druids Glen meant she had to hash out her issues she had about her feelings of Moira's thought abandonment. MacNeil (the villain) has other plans for them however. MacNeil, being the main focus on what to be waging against does not want the prophecy to be carried out and sealing his fate. MacNeil decides that to keep the prophecy from coming to be, that he must KILL one of the sisters and chooses Fiona to be that sister. Throughout this book we find that Gregor is not all he seems to be as he too has a dark past that he blames himself for. We find out that when he was but a young man he was playing at the loch with his sister and she had drowned and shouldering the blame, he was cast out of his home land by his own father and that he never returned. Fiona and Gregor end up having to venture through his home old home where he finds out that not only has his father forgiven him, but has been searching for him for some time now to find him and return him home. Fiona and Gregor set out to leave for the druids glen with a promise that Gregor would return once he completed his journey. Upon leaving however MacNeil attacks the MacLaghlin land and Gregor's father ends up dying leaving even more of a hole inside him as he ventures off to fulfill his promise to return Fiona to her sisters. Fiona and Gregor learn a great amount about each other throughout their journey as well as having some pretty intense sexual tension between them as they deny the feelings each has for the other. When they return to MacInnes land and Fiona is reunited with her thought dead sister Glenna, elation overcomes Fiona but shortlived as it is because she then realizes she still must get her skeletons with Moira out of the way as well. By the time all is said and done, (and Gregor's stubbornness subsides) Fiona and Gregor come to accept the feelings they have for one another and while the prophecy still has not been fulfilled, Fiona and Moira come to bury the hatchet as Fiona begins to understand why Moira did what she did and what happened after the MacDougals took Fiona in.
Highland nights is just one of those stories you never want to end. Getting to know each character intimately was such a great journey traveled! Donna Grant is definitely a unique writer who has that ability to pull you into a story and make you feel as if you had lived each moment right along with the characters!

I give this book 5 shields!!

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