Monday, February 25, 2013

REVIEW: Highland Dawn by Donna Grant


In the highlands of Scotland a world of Faes, magic, dragons and heart stopping drama, Highland Dawn is pulsating with life!!

Highland Dawn is the third book in a six-part series by Donna Grant called Druids Glen.
In the nineteenth century the time arrives for a prophecy to be fulfilled. In this book, Moira(the eldest of the Sinclair Sisters) must travel with Dartayous(a druid warrior sworn to protect all druids in the glen and even moreso to Moira Sinclair), to find the doorway to the Realm of the Faes as sent by Frang the Druid high priest. Moira's younger sisters Glenna and Fiona throughout this series have found their way in life along with some pretty nice man-candy on the path. Now it is up to Moira to make a choice and seal her fate as well. In making her decision however, she will be deciding the fate of Scotland AND the Realm of Faes. Will good or evil be the one to rule?
Moira has
a power that is stronger than even she knows but as with all good heroines, she possesses some pretty strong secrets that impair her judgement momentarily and threaten to vitiate her powers.
Dartayous, the immortal druid warrior has been Moira's guardian since the perilous night where her parents were murdered by MacNeil and her sister Glenna was kidnapped. He was the one that carried Moira away and to the safety of the druids glen. Dartayous loves Moira but dies not allow himself to succumb to these feelings. Instead, he has made a life of being quite distant and contentious with Moira in his efforts to keep her at arms length. It is very clear that they do not trust one another at this point. As their enchanting story plays out we get to see some very awe-striking dragons that have been fighting the black death dragons that have been set free by the King of the Fae Theron's older brother Lugus in his quest to overtake the throne that was to be rightfully his but was stripped from him when everyone accused him of killing his father and was banished to another realm (but that is a story for another time). Lugus was unaware of the amount of havoc and destruction the black death dragons would torment his beautiful realm with. With these dragons fighting amidst them, Moira and Dartayous encounter many of their own trials together including quite a few battles of their own. Lugus however proves himself to be a very powerful adversary to their efforts.
Lugus ends up being able to get inside of Moira's mind enticing her to come to be his wife and confusing her completely making the trust between her and dartayous that much further out of reach. By the time Dartayous gets to Moira and is able to save her, she had already begun to notice her own strengths and fight back against Lugus little by little.
These Terrifying and simply heart-stopping arcs and bows is what makes Highland Dawn beguiling and will keep any reader of Donna Grant's stories enraptured! Her smooth execution of characters and their feats and captivating descriptions with the subtle cliff hangers for other characters soon-to-come as her plot progresses and creates a memorable captivating story for her readers.
Moira finally finds the voice to be able to tell Dartayous of her feelings as he splays his feelings for her out for the world to see enables them to reach their happily ever after in this winding story of heroes and villains.

I give this story 5 shields!

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