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RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Sex and Sorcery by Sarah Hyde

Sex and Sorcery
Sex Magic
Book One
Sarah Hyde

Genre: Steamy Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Sarah Hyde
Date of Publication: May 9th, 2016
Number of pages:  212
Word Count: 60k
Cover Artist: Sarah Hyde

Book Description:
Morgan Wright has just been
dumped by the biggest jerk in the world. All she wants to do is sulk in bed
while devouring all the ice cream on campus, but her friend has a different
plan to cheer her up—break into a secret all-boys university.

According to rumor, the school
trains sorcerers who are crazy good in bed. Even though Morgan’s never had an
orgasm, she’s not interested in anything more than an adventure. But when
cape-wearing guard, Edric stops them at the wall, Morgan finds herself drawn in
by his syrupy sweet smell.

There’s only one small problem,
the sorcerers at this school take their vow of celibacy seriously. But Morgan
can’t stay away, and as Edric tests the limits of his vow, magic-fueled orgasms
may change everything.


His grip
tightens and he lifts me off the ground. He’s literally holding me up by my
upper arms. Now I’m scared. I let out a little squeak. My breath comes in rapid
“I’m going to
carry you out of here.”
I nod, shivering
in his grasp. I’d agree to walk, but I don’t really want him to let go of me.
Part of me likes that he’s probably leaving bruises on my arms.
His nostrils
flare again. “And stop breathing,” he commands.
“I’m pretty sure
I can’t do that.”
He starts to
walk and I’m still dangling. He’s about ten inches taller than me and easily
carries my 120lbs. His quads flex under the lightweight pants he has on. I’m
inches from his face, but I can’t look into his eyes. Both of us are focusing
off to the side, like I’m an offending bit of debris that must be tossed back
into the woods. I lean forward, gulping down the cinnamon flavored air. If he
would only pull me closer to his body I could nibble his neck. I strain against
his grip, but he holds me completely immobile.
He licks his
lips. His boot catches on a branch and he stumbles. Without thinking, I wrap my
legs tightly around his waist. The sudden pressure the seam of my pants
provides against my crotch is a relief. He grunts as he fights for balance and
one hand leaves my shoulder to grab my ass before we topple over.
He’s glaring at
me. With his hand on my ass. I try to keep from smiling but fail when his scowl
intensifies. His fingers flex once and I know he’s about to drop me. The moment
drags out. I shift my gaze up to the moon in an innocent expression, but the
space between us is throbbing. My pulse has relocated itself to my clit and
every orgasm that I never had is waiting to burst out of me.
“Get off of me,”
he says as he removes his hand.
“Okay.” In one
fast motion, I lick the side of his neck and untangle my legs. I drop to the
ground in front of him. My tongue literally tingles with the flavor of his
He stares down
at me. “Why did you do that?”
“I had to know.”
We’re close to the woods now. Almost out of sight.
He stares at my
lips. Does he want permission because I’ve been fairly clear that I want him?
He’s the one protesting, but we’re away from the school now. His hand is
visibly trembling. I step further under the tree cover. Shadows fall across his
face making him more mysterious.
“What did I
taste like to you?”
I exhale slowly.
I feel like if I don’t pace my breathing I’m going to pass right out. “Like
cinnamon syrup. Did you eat pancakes earlier?”
He chuckles and
stares at my lips again.
“You can, if you
want to . . . kiss me that is,” I offer.
He looks back
toward the wall, but there’s no one there.
“Or if you just
want a taste, you can lick me too.”
He sucks air in
through his teeth in a hissing gasp. “If it wasn’t for your smell, I’d be
convinced you were another test. But no one can fake this.” He leans into me
and I go perfectly still. His tongue flicks out and draws a soft wet line down
the opening of my shirt.
We both moan
simultaneously. A million nerve endings I didn’t know existed flare to life. My
nipples go crystal hard and jut out from my shirt. Do that again.
“I shouldn’t
have done that.”
“Hmmm, that was
not what I was thinking at all. Why don’t you take me back to your dorm room?”
“Mostly because
if you tried to cross the boundary you’d be fried to a crisp.”
I choke and
cough. “What?”
“Don’t mess
around with Bronson’s School. Promise me, you and your friend won’t try to get
in again. I’m not joking. The wall will set you on fire if you try to cross it.”

“I promise,” I
lie. Because I will do whatever it takes to get to him if he crosses that wall.

the Author:

Sarah Hyde combats the cold Maine
winters by writing very steamy romances. She loves berries, happy endings, and
tea. Sex and Sorcery is her adult debut.

Twitter: @fancypantssarah

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