Friday, July 24, 2015

Review: Skin Deep

Skin Deep Skin Deep by Trista Jaszczak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Skin Deep is an amazingly well-written version of a budding BDSM DD/bg relationship. Lola has been on her won since she turned 18, and never looked back or let anyone or anything hold her back from what she wanted. When two out of four of her tattoo artists move on to bigger opportunities, she is forced to look for someone to pick up the slack. River, has worked at all the bigger shops but wants to come home to Cincinnati, OH to start planting roots. The author did an amazing job researching to make sure that the roles of the Daddy Dominant and baby girl submissive were believable and lifestyle correct. Lola, being untrained, does seem to take to the lifestyle fast, but this is in no way unheard of within the lifestyle. River and Lola have a few ugly bumps in their road to happiness that lead to more bumps and then a HUGE show-stopping twist! (I won't tell you because it's SO much better to read it than to be told. :P ) This book will be releasing July 31, 2015, and I recommend it to A/all my kinky BDSM Erotica loving friends!

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