Friday, February 13, 2015

Anonymous Author Poll

So, I have been approached by an author that wanted to know my opinion about an idea she has. She asked that her name not be revealed, but that I spread her poll out to as many people as I can reach. So, I decided to ask for the HTML code and post it here. All my authors and readers and friends come here to see what news I have found, what new books they can read, and what fun I have on my blog.

But in this instance, it is really a call out for all the readers and authors and fans that visit my blog. Be honest, please, and I was told that the voters on the poll are anonymous. She cannot see who you are, so feel free to be as honest as you can be. 

Thank you for reading this blog post and I'm sorry if it bothers you. I just wanted to be able to give a voice to my author friend's question. 

If someone wrote a book about surviving child molestation and how her life turned out, the trials she went through, would you read it? free polls

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