Friday, August 22, 2014

PRE-ORDER ALERT: Rise (Eyes of Gold Book 1) by J. Minerva Davis

Book Description
Publication Date: September 17, 2014
WARNING: This book demands as large a sense of humor as it does adventure.
Don't bother if you aren't willing to smile! Comedy reaches dangerous levels. Guts may be busted.
Butts may be laughed off. Read at your own risk!
Rumea Donoma isn't a hero. In fact, she's globally received as an evil wizard. She isn't entirely sure how she's gathered this reputation, but she's pretty sure the journey she's on isn't going to help her get rid of it...
Rise features a completely ill-fitted set of adventurers (NOT heroes) in an original and yet somehow familiar world setting. These hilariously mismatched unfortunates find themselves in well over their heads while being tossed about as tools to break the cyclic battle of gods and demons. Even more than the ancients hunting their hides, the group may have to worry about killing each other in a fluke fireball or all-you-can-eat buffet incident.

The beginning of a comedic and adventurous epic, Eyes of Gold: Rise promises to appeal to a large audience. Enter the world of Szurane and explore this break-out series for an eternally unfolding, deepening compendium of myth, lore, and xoology.

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