Monday, March 25, 2013

REVIEW: Highland Fires by Donna Grant


 Highland Fires is the fourth book in Donna Grant's six-book series, Druid's Glen. We left off after the prophecy being fulfilled and Lugus, realizing that his defeat was eminent, saved Moira in a last second thought and was presumed dead only to find out that he has been stripped of his immortality and sent to re-try his life on the mortal realm. Nearly five years after his excommunication from the Fae Realm by Rufina, queen of the Fae, and forced to serve his sentence as a mortal, Lugus is still getting used to a few things with this second chance at life. His perceptions of danger being a big one to begin with.
Ahryn is a Fae in need of help. While on one of her escapades to the mortal realm for a visit, she was tricked into putting on an ancient Celtic slave bracelet and being powered with magic, Ahryn was trapped here and forced to live with Lord Marcus MacGregor with his hopes of breaking her and marrying her and then his intent was to become ruler of the Fae Realm as well as his kingdom. However, all Ahryn wanted was to find a way back to her realm. Ahryn sees Lugus and recognized him as the brother of the King Theron of the Fae Realm and sought him out for the help she needed getting back home. She needed his help trying to get the slave bracelet off, and his protection while traveling since she was unable to open the portal, she hoped Lugus was the man that could help her get back to her mystical realm. Lugus tried at first to deny her the help she sought but eventually caved, being the chivalrous man he never realized he was. The ont thing that neither of them saw coming was the passion and allure that would arise between them and the love that would bloom from within Lugus' heart. There are a few times that I wanted to smack Lugus for whispering Moira's name in his sleep... But In the long run, that story ran its course as well. Thank Goodness..... *glares at Lugus' dreams*
Ahryn knew that Lugus was banished to the human realm but she thought that she could go to the King and beg for his pardon, not knowing that Lugus was the one that had almost single-handedly destroyed the Fae Realm so many years ago.
Lugus held a lot of guilt inside himself for the transgressions of his past. After dealing with his horrible acts he was afraid that WHEN Ahryn found out what he had done and even worse, almost let happen, that she would look at him differently. But She hadn't! She still fell for him and even King Theron and Queen Rufina gave him another chance!
I absolutely LOVED Lugus' story and her ability to give bad boys a chance to redeem themselves. A true story of how love can help you through your own skeletons if you allow it to get inside of your heart and talk to you!!

A 5 shield novel!!

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