Wednesday, April 24, 2013

REVIEW: Forbidden Highlander (Dark Sword #2) by Donna Grant

Forbidden Highlander
(Dark Sword #2)
by Donna Grant
Publication Date: May 19, 2010

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Fallon McLeod has gifts any warrior would covet--fierce strength, unmatched skill, even immortality. But those gifts have come at a price that puts everyone he loves at risk. Only when his brother, Quinn, is taken captive does Fallon leave the seclusion of his Highland home to seek the king's aid. And though every woman at court would gladly be his for the asking, one alone causes desire to roar to life within him: beautiful, mysterious Larena Monroe.

Rumors swirl around the castle about "The McLeod" but Larena knows the truth. Like Fallon, Larena is searching for a way to vanquish the evil Druid who wants to wreak havoc on earth. Drawn to Fallon in spite of her fear, she surrenders to a passion that shocks them both with its raw intensity. But Larena dares not hope for more--not when she holds a secret that could turn her fiery Highland love against her forever...
I loved this troubled tale of Fallon and Larena! So sad that Malcolm had the run in he had and I am a bit weary of Broc... I hope he isn't really on Dierdre's side and is only spying....
Oh my god, to find out that Larena was a warrior AND protector of the scrolls??? LOVED THIS!! I enjoyed watching Fallon allow himself to become the leader he was meant to be... The love scenes in this were so mmmm delicious and then to find out Malcolm is a warrior too!!??? talk about jaw dropping, I almost dropped my kindle when I read that!! as always, you have not disappointed me Donna.... You keep writing, I will keep reading!!

I give this book 5 out of 5 shields!!

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